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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Toronto FC make their home debut for 2009 at BMO Field, and for the first time at home, on grass. They host the expansion Philadelphia Union, who are 1-1 entering this one. RedNationOnline has TFC winning their first of the year 2-1.

Upsets were the order of the night last night as the NHL playoffs opened. Road teams - Ottawa, Philadelphia, Colorado - took their opening games, with only Phoenix holding serve. 20 goals in four games made the "under" a wise play.

A day after finding out his LA Lakers will be facing Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in a tricky first round NBA playoff matchup, Lakers coach Phil Jackson is already working the refs about how often Kevin Durant gets to the line. Right, Phillip, because if anyone knows about a guy getting to the line a lot in a game, you do with Michael Jordan.

TheBigLead took a great run at Ben Roethlesberger's look during his apology for his bad taste while out in public, cracking his haircut as a "WWE look". I think he makes some of the legendary bad seeds of wrestling look good. Big Ben did clean up his look ahead of his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday.

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste in Maxim? Yes please!

Great Q&A by's Grand Wahl with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. Check it out here. He certainly gives the impression, unlike Gary Bettman, for example, that no topic is beyond a candid answer.

Sounds like Tiger Woods and wife Elin are going to be starting divorce proceedings any day now. Nevermind interest in the settlement, can you imagine what Tiger is going to do when he's NOT married? Is there a woman anywhere that he won't chase?

The Vancouver Whitecaps, who enter the MLS next season, are looking like they'll blow away their 16,500 season-ticket target.

Check out this great sign at Yankee Stadium welcoming back Hideki Matsui. Hilarious.

There were 10,610 at the Toronto Blue Jays game last night. Question: what are they going to get against Kansas City in mid-June, say, and they're 15 games out? If you don't allow for the possibility that baseball might never come back to the early 90's glory in Toronto, you're kidding yourself.

Check out Manchester United's exit from the Champions League last week re-enacted with the power of Lego! Clearly a Bayern Munich fan judging by the omission of all United goals in a game they won. Funny stuff.


B. Kennedy said...

Well, Jordan's free throw attempts dropped by 100 when Phil Jackson took the helm. And the free throws he got are far less maddening from a fan's viewpoint than Durant's: Jordan got fouled by driving to the basket, Durant pulls that "rip-the-ball-under-the-defender's-arm-and-yank-upwards-drawing-contact" crap. I hate that. I have no problem with a guy drawing contact, but to make a motion on a "shot" attempt you have no intention of taking and get rewarded for is ridiculous.

I'm with PJ on that one. I like OKC as a team and Durant as a player, but if he wants to go to the free throw line, let him drive and make a play and force the defense to foul him, not just rip his arm through the defender's on a motion that isn't anything resembling a shot attempt.

TB said...

If the ref's called the game in Jordan's day the way they do now, games would've taken four hours for how often he'd get to the line.

B. Kennedy said...

And if the game were played now like it was in Jordan's day, Durant would have broken his spindly arms about 4 times already.

TB said...

Yes, and I'll assume that was a "yes" to my comment as well.

B. Kennedy said...

Yeah, of course that's full agreement.

gbvh said...

3-0 T.O. tonight.


ts said...

Matsui sign is awesome!