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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mid-week Mega Edition

Classy as hell of the New York Yankees to ignore Hideki Matsui's uniform yesterday during the ring ceremony and mob their former teammate, and last year's World Series MVP, led by the playoff MVP Alex Rodriguez.

The NHL playoffs start tonight and like most playoffs, the first round tends to be the most interesting. My picks: Washington over Montreal in five, New Jersey over Philly in six, Buffalo over Boston in six dreadfully dull 1-0 games, Pittsburgh over Ottawa in six, San Jose - yes, SAN JOSE! - over Colorado in five, Chicago over Nashville in five, Vancouver over LA in six, and Detroit over Phoenix in six. I'm hoping it is a Washington and Chicago Stanley Cup final, with Chicago to win, but suspect it will be Washington against Detroit, with Washington winning. Who ya got?

Montreal Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec said his team need not be concerned about the opposition goaltending as it isn't like they are are facing Ryan Miller or Martin Brodeur. True, but it isn't like you've got Alexander Ovechkin on your side either, TP.

Jimmy Rollins hurt his calf running to the 3rd base line during ceremonies for the Philadelphia Phillies home opener. Love baseball injuries!

The loading up of the NFL's Eastern divisions continues, with the AFC at it this time with the Miami Dolphins acquiring wideout Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos for a pair of second rounder. Great deal for the Fish, especially if they can keep Marshall away from South Beach some. Once again, it is a painful reminder of what the Dallas Cowboys gave up for Roy Williams when the Fish pull Marshall for a pair of #2's.

The NHL draft lottery went last night and Toronto Maple Leaf GM Brian Burke's worst fears when it came to that weren't realized as the Boston Bruins, holding the Leafs pick from the Phil Kessel deal, didn't get top spot in the lottery - that went to Edmonton. But, it isn't like Burke would've forecast the pick this year being what will be a great #2 most likely. Burke has maintained all along he'd do the deal again and in Kessel, who seems a 40-goal lock in a full season, and he just may be right. Maybe.

CBS Sports and the voice of The Masters Jim Nantz has his panties in a bunch because Tiger Woods used some less than appropriate language, whatever that means in this day and age. Here's an idea, Nantz: if you don't want colourful language coming across the airwaves, have your network turn off the mics. I'd rather hear a guy be real and drop an f-bomb or the like than hit a bad shot and say "Gosh Darn it, that shot really wasn't great". Welcome to 2010, Nantz. Oh, and thank Tiger for coming back because nobody really cares about your he's there.

Steve Simmons at the Toronto Sun tears Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment a new one for having "something deep within the culture of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. that produces embarrassing team after embarrassing team." Not sure why the Toronto Argos and Blue Jays get off so easy in the city of horrid teams, but he does make a solid point.

Long time Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy writes that it is time for the Boston Red Sox to push David Ortiz into a lesser role. Why, 2 for 18 with 9 K's, no homers and one RBI isn't worth $12 million? The way the Sox have started the year, they likely need to make a few changes to get going.

Shame there were so many people dressed as blue seats at the Rogers Centre last night. They missed a hell of a performance from Ricky Romero who took a no hitter into the eighth before AJ Pierzynski played like he got hit - wasn't even close - to get to first, before former Jay Alex Rios hurt the hopes of the dozens in attendance with a homer into the Jays bullpen. The Jays were 4-2 winners. Pretty unimpressed that commentator Buck Martinez, who has made a nice transition from a killer colour man to play-by-play, chose to play to superstition and wouldn't mention that he was working a no hitter. Buck - you're not behind the plate or in the dugout anymore. Let the fans just tuning in know what is up.

KFC's Double Down: are you kidding me? At least it isn't available in Canada.

Toronto may be getting its own version of The Jersey Shore, as a casting call is out for Iranians to get immortalized on TV. Toronto could have so many versions, too: think "Woodbridge Shore", "Pretentious Whores" and "Hipster Bores".'s four NBA writers unanimously have Chris Bosh leaving the Toronto Raptors this off season when he hits free agency. Can you blame him?


Kristian said...

Perhaps Jays should adopt Lyn FC (Mikel's old club before the whole Man U Chelsea ordeal), cup finalist song. Refrain went something like: "20.000 empty seat cheering for Lyn" Kinda wrong though... stadium holds 29.000 so actually should be more like "27.000 empty seats..." At least they had some humour though in a self deprecating way...

BigHeadedJerk said...

Check my blog for my take on Ricky Romero.

BronxBomber said...

Just parlayed your picks lol I got one 99,000 to one. I put a toonie on it.

BronxBomber said...

Just laid it down on your picks.

A toonie and they gave me:

gbvh said...

Thorough Double Down review: