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Friday, April 9, 2010

Step the pace up...

MLB umpire Joe West called the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox "pathetic and embarrassing" for dragging out the pace of games. Now, I don't think it is right to call the two biggest clubs in the game out like that, especially as an umpire, but they're sure symbolic of a bigger issue on the pace of games. Do catchers need to come out every other pitch in a big at bat? Do you need multiple mound visits from the pitching coach? Do batters need to step out of the box every pitch to go through their rituals? No, no and no. I get that baseball is a game played without a clock, but there are rules about pace of pitches and such, and it would be nice to see them enforced so games don't approach four hours on a regular basis.

ESPN's baseball analyst Jayson Stark told The Mike And Mike Show that 3 teams took in 80-90 million in revenue sharing that by the CBA is mandated to be spent on salary and reported to MLB. They each had payrolls under $50 million, so they're making the difference, plus tickets sold, in pure profit. Funny that nobody rails against that.

AJ Burnett refers to Roy Halladay as the Peyton Manning of pitchers. High praise on many levels.

Toronto Blue Jay Travis Snider is developing a healthy collection of golden sombreros, with two already this season. But at least Vernon Wells is showing signs of life, with four homers in three games, albeit at long ball friendly Texas.

Chris Rock appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman a couple nights ago, and dropped this gem on Tiger Woods returning to golf: "Tiger hasn't had sex since Thanksgiving. He's going to win The Masters and then rape Phil Mickelson." Check out the rest of Rock's appearance here, in which he hammers Letterman for his own infidelities.

Speaking of golf, says Vic in NoCal, a regular on The Jim Rome Show via Twitter: "60yr old Tom Watson leading at Masters only proves that golf is a GAME, not a SPORT. A game of great skill, but a game nonetheless." Well put, Don Vic.

If you've followed RM over the years, you know I'm a big fan of baseball injuries, because they tend to be of a ridiculous nature whenever it is off-field stuff. The latest gem is Milwaukee Brewer Jeff Suppan, making a mere $12.5 million this year, has landed on the DL with a bad neck because he - wait for it - slept on a rolled up towel. Pillows too much for the $12.5 million dollar man?

With a win tomorrow, mixed with two New York Rangers overtime wins over the Philadelphia Flyers this weekend, the Toronto Maple Leafs would knock the Montreal Canadiens out of a playoff spot. Yeah, pretty unlikely.

Have you seen the latest Tiger Woods ad by Nike, in which they spliced together his late father's voice to do the voice over? If you're gonna go that far Tiger, you're a bigger whore than the ones you were banging. But, true to form, Tiger offered up as much substance as he normally does in the ad.

Check out now all-world star Lionel Messi as a five year old in this video below. Not sure what's more impressive, his play, or that he's about the same height now.


gbvh said...

Good on Joe West.
Honestly, I wouldn't allow catchers/coaches to EVER go to the hill. Seriously.
In a bind?
Wanna strategize?
Deal with it.

TB said...

Agree. They're already using signs so what's the issue? I do laugh that catchers get bent out of shape when they think a guy is on 2nd stealing signs as though that is some sin.

B. Kennedy said...

I wouldn't be surprised for a second if Eldrick did attempt to steal Phil Mickelson's virtue. After all, we know that he has a preference for the busty types.

hi said...

I love how Messi uses his hands to trap a ball in the video.