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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Robben takes a bat to Man United

With Wayne Rooney starting and looking fit, and Nani playing as well as he's played in his life, you'd have figured Manchester United was easily into the Champions League semis, especially after taking a 3-0 lead. But mix in an out-of-nowhere goal from Ivica Olic and a red card to Man United's Rafael that was largely the result of Franck Ribery whining to the referee with 40 minutes to go and Bayern Munich scored a second to see them advance on the away goals rule despite being played off the field when it was 11 v 11. Munich will now face Olympic Lyon, with the winner of that semi facing the winner of Inter Milan and Barcelona. So an early congratulations to Champions League winner Barcelona.

Go figure that the one New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox game that goes under three hours for nine innings stretches beyond that thanks to extra innings. The Yankees were 3-1 winners, and Red Sox "Nation" is in full on panic mode no doubt.

Jose Calderon whining over fans booing an air ball from him is pretty fresh. He's the same guy who collects his paycheque with a ski mask and gun, and panders to the fans when he hits threes by inexplicably holding up six fingers. He's not all that's wrong with the Toronto Raptors, but he's the biggest symptom: soft physically and mentally, a bloated long-term contract and can't defend a lick. Trade the piece of shit.

Said Toronto Raptor Sonny Weems after the Raps loss in Cleveland Tuesday night: "Every game we've played them, it's been real close. I don't think they want that in the first round of the playoffs. We're going to come to play." Said LeBron James in response: "I'm not getting into that," James said, grinning. "They're having a great season so far." Pwned.

Very classy of former New York Giant Tiki Barber to leave his pregnant wife for a 23-year old intern. What is it with people in the TV business and interns?

Love New York Yankees President Randy Levine getting after the whining Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio, crying that the team will have a hard time re-signing Prince Fielder. Shame Levine didn't mention the Brewers shipping their best young talent to Cleveland for a rental of CC Sabathia, or that they also made a huge offer to Sabathia in free agency, but he just didn't want to live in Milwaukee. Some things are beyond mere money, Attanasio.

Try to steal a purse, and get suplexed for your efforts. Surely this isn't real, is it? Incredible either way. Click the link for video.

Have a great Thursday.


Kristian said...

Might talk for death ears on here, but for an objective viewer, that Robben goal was incredible. The corner kick was so high, hanging in the air I had the time to say out loud: "OMG, look at the room Robben got, this might be it" before the shot. Then he threads it between the defender and a post, a room not wider than 2 feet. The build up of anticipation while the ball was hanging in the air, the extreme difficulty of the shot, and that the goal was the game winner probably makes it the goal of the year so far for me. Seen more beautiful ones, but this one had everything else besides that.

TB said...

No deaf ears here - that goal was as good as it gets, as much as I despise Robben (given his Chelsea years). Does it happen if Ribery doesn't get Rafael sent off thanks to FR's whining? Questionable, but still a hell of a goal.

For me, that game turns on Olic's goal (no bias). He gave them life when United looked to be running away with it. If it goes to half 3-0, the game is likely done.

So, who gets murdered by Barca?

BronxBomber said...

The goal, much like most of Bayern goals, and the Joe Cole one on the weekend was impossible to stop. You just had to watch it go in the back of the net. The one we gave up before half was tough to stomach but we were still in it.

I think without a doubt if Ribery shut his fat fucking mouth we would have been fine. Fergie's right he got him sent off. Ref was never going to his card and while it was a foul, it was 35 yards out. Should have been a FK. You had to figure after that it was all over though Bayern were always going to put one through.

I wish Carrick and Berba get sold in the offseason, just terrible.

Kristian said...

Agreed on Olic. hell of a goal that too, to just 'will' it in like that. And partly agreed on the send off. Think the Olic goal was a bigger factor as well as Rooney's injury. Pretty sure Rooney would have been there denying Robben the space of his lifetime on the second goal.

B. Kennedy said...

LeBron was probably shocked that a Raptor actually took some pride in his game and promised to compete, or he would have come up with something better.