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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grey Cup Sunday

The Grey Cup goes today and not sure I've ever been less interested. Maybe it is in part to the last three games being total duds. Montreal is a 9.5 point fav against Saskatchewan with the game in Calgary. Kickoff is 6:30pm Eastern on TSN.

Sports Pickle has an outstanding picture of the day. Tiger Woods is the theme. Speaking of Woods, word is now emerging the cuts on his face came not from his car accident, but in the middle of a fight with his wife. He best take a page from the book of A-Rod and get proactive on this. Silence is a killer when the media freight train gets rolling.

Ana Ivanovic has taken the time to unveil the outfit she'll be sporting at the Australian Open in January. The way she's played of late, she need not worry about multiple colours for other matches.

Manchester City tied their seventh straight EPL game yesterday, 1-1 with Hull City. The big one of the weekend goes today at 11am on The Score with cross-town rivals Chelsea and Arsenal getting it on. Should be a great one. Also great should be the Real Madrid and Barcelona tilt at 1pm on The Score. Is there anyone that wouldn't love to see Barca hammer Real?

Hey Maple Leafs fans, doesn't Sunday feel better with the Leafs not having played the night before?

And doesn't it feel even better that Notre Dame lost - again - and Charlie Weis is at the brink? The Domers were beat 45-38 by Stanford. Apparently, Weis had already cleaned out his office before yesterday's game. Imagine how many chocolate bar wrappers were in that office?

Ben Roethlesberger is out for Pittsburgh today. Wise move for a guy who once rode a motorcycle sans helmet, particularly facing the hard hitting Baltimore Ravens. Incredible that the line went from -2 for the Ravens to -9 with Big Ben out. Have to play the Steelers with that kind of lumber.

Bud Selig is packing it in as MLB Commissioner after 2012. Don't suspect there will be a lot of glorious tributes to Bud. Cue the Bob Costas rumors.

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is a career 11-1 at home. Hard not to figure on that being 12-1 with the Falcons hosting Tampa Bay today.

Am I completely off my rocker for thinking there will be no undefeated teams after this weekend? Indianapolis is in Houston, and New Orleans hosts New England tomorrow in what should be a shoot out.

GBVH pointed out that six NHL games went to a shootout last night with five teams scoring a goal or less. Pretty funny that when I take shots at how dull hockey has become there is nobody taking me to task for that one.

Have a great Sunday all.

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