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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Pretty soon the question won't be who has Tiger slept with, but who hasn't he. And nice work by wife Elin to take this opportunity to renegotiate their pre-nuptial agreement upwards from $20 million she'd receive if she stayed with Eldrick for 10 years. I'm sure Katie Holmes is getting ideas now. We can only hope when he tees it up at Pebble Beach in January somebody yells "he has been!" when someone yells the obligatory "get in the hole!". Who is giving Tiger PR advice, Roger Clemens?

There are 108 MLBers with permission to use otherwise banned stimulants because they have been diagnosed with ADHD. That number is up fro 106 in 2008 and 103 in 2007 and I'll guess from 0 the year before drug testing came into play. Maybe I'm just (testing) negative.'s Jon Heyman updates the Roy Halladay market and says the smart money has the big horse going to either the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. A lot of familiar names in each package - two or three of Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero and Austin Jackson from the Yanks, and Clay Bucholz and Casey Kelly from the Sox. Gonna be a big move for whatever team gets the deal done, and seemingly, the Jays too with those names. Not for 2010, but in the years beyond.

The New Orleans Saints are said to be ready to ditch Reggie Bush after this year with him due to count $8 million against the cap. Not hard to believe considering they're not lacking for options at running back and he hasn't exactly lived up to the hype he had coming out of USC.

Oregon and Oregon State are playing their "civil war" game tonight, and it is also a "war of the roses" to see who will go to the Rose Bowl with USC on the outside looking in, a rarity for them. Oregon are 9.5 point favs with an over/under of 63.

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Make that 0-18 for the New Jersey Nets after getting crushed by the Dallas Mavericks. Speaking of 18, the Nets will play the Toronto Raptors December 18th and while the Nets may not win - and they quite well may - they can be sure they'll score 100+ against the defensively bankrupt Raptors, who gave up 114 last night - after three quarters. The final? Atlanta 146 to the Raps 115.

Can't you feel the buzz emanating from the alleged Centre of the Universe Toronto with the Buffalo Bills set to host the New York Jets tonight? neither.

Ron Artest says he drank during NBA games. I'm not buying it. If he had, he surely wouldn't have reacted so badly to a Detroit Piston fan offering him a cold beer back in his Indiana Pacers days.

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bukkake said...

love it! go back to the start of college season where I stated on here that USC would lose a few games this year and not win the Pac 10. Fuck USC.

TBek, be sure to tune in Saturday for the SEC Championship (aka The Real National Championship) between Bama and Florida. That should be an outstanding game.

I take the Ducks to win 38 - 24 tonight.