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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Urlacher delivers his best hit of the year

As quotes on teammates go, Chicago Bears (injured) linebacker Brian Urlacher just topped Hines Ward for Most Inflammatory Comment On His QB for the week with this gem hammering Jay Cutler and praising how the Bears played with Kyle Orton at the helm. Check this out.

Hey, the Toronto Maple Leafs beat Montreal last night. This seems more impressive when both are, you know, good. Somehow, despite five fewer wins than the Habs, the Leafs are only five points back with a game in hand. Ahhhh, the NHL point system.

This one comes from regular reader and occasional contributor TS: Cincinnati swept its division games, going 6-0. Five of the last six teams to sweep their division games reached the Super Bowl. Just for fun, we'll say "make it five of seven".

The Tiger Woods plot gets thicker by the minute. One report says there was no blood whatsoever in his vehicle, which is impressive when your face was busted up. Another has a lady saying she has 300+ text messages and voice messages from Tiger over the course of a 31-month affair. When you give no story, one gets found. And for some reason, comic Chris Rock is teeing off on the media for their handling of the story. Like Rock a lot more when he sticks to what he does best.

If the NHL punishes careless use of the stick, do they not suspend Keith Ballard for clubbing his own goalie? Seems like they should, no?

Argentine/Barcelona winger/striker Lionel Messi won the Ballon d'Or as Europe's best player this year. Hard to argue against that one really. Even though Cristiano Ronaldo had a great year in his own right, it was Messi who helped Barca to the Champions League title.

The Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin received a two game suspension for his knee on knee hit that left him more damaged than Carolina Hurricane Tim Gleason. Frankly, seems he's getting off a bit light, especially when that two games could cover his "day-to-day" status in terms of his own injury.

The World Cup Draw goes tomorrow. Here's a bit of a primer, including what pots each team is found in. Gonna be a real lack of productivity Friday morning, that's for sure.

Best team in the NFL against the spread? The San Francisco 49ers at 8-2-1.

Check out this Chinese report on the Tiger Woods situation, complete with a re-enactment. Awesome.

Have a great Wednesday.


gbvh said...

Hockey is hilarious. Last night they showed extensive "highlights" of guys breaking their sticks over the net, suggesting it's just a way they deal with their anger and that's all fine and well.

YF said...

The Tiger Woods voicemail came out and now he's up against the wall. The truth shall set you free Tiger.

drake said...

oh gotta love the family least if you're seeing another chick, tell the bitch to keep her mouth shut

Anonymous said...

Because you and the Windbag typically get so much work done on an average day, let alone on a Friday??? Pretty sure that the World Cup Draw will be just another average day dude. Go Portugal...

TB said...

I think Tiger is getting his PR advice from Roger Clemens.

Oh, and're gonna talk about work rate and then trumpet Portugal? Oh delicious irony!

TB said...

Oh, and GBVH, I thought fights is how they took their anger out. My bad.