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Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup 2010 draw day!

The World Cup draw goes today in South Africa at noon eastern. Follow the draw live here if you need.

So Yankees manager Joe Girardi spent some time this week teaching New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez to slide. What happens last night in Toronto? In addition to a Jets victory, Sanchez gets hurt. How, you wonder? Sliding, of course. Not sure what Rex Ryan was thinking bringing in Girardi, everybody knows the Yankees favor the Giants.

The MLB Players Union supports moving the first round of the playoffs to a best-of-seven setup. Mark the calendar: a fresh and good idea from a union. Weird. With how many days were used in the playoffs this year, and days off in particular, you could play a best of 11 over the same time frame. Best of seven first rounder? Yes please! Only fair thing to do and a truer test.

After getting axed by Hardcore Sports Radio, Gabriel Morency is back in full fledged business today with a website and the promise of online broadcasts, apparently a couple times a day. I'm going to wager he comes out swinging for his former employers in a big way today and for the next bit.

Yahoo! Sports looks at the Top 10 NFL Plays of the Decade. What, no video links? Shame on them. Anyways, literally remember every one of these and for most, remember where I was when. Impressive. Or sad.

There have been more than a few publications covering the risks of trading for Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay in the last week or two, this is but another. Memo to LeRoy: This stuff is emanating from Boston exclusively, demand a move to The Bronx.

Speaking of the Jays, Baseball America has run its annual look at each team's farm system and ranking them top to bottom. The Jays system ranked #28 in the game, ahead of only St. Louis and Houston. Ouch. The Texas Rangers ranked tops.

Are you an Atari 2600 fan, and would love to relive some of the games of yesteryear? Look no further than this link. Brilliant. Off to play some River Raid I go.

Finally today, check out the Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix. This has #1 written all over it.


gbvh said...

CBC is showing the draw at 12:30 p.m.!

rakeback said...

I think Sanchez needs some time to adapt, but he has all the physical and mental tools to excel at the pro game. Quarterbacks like Manning and Aikman had pretty rough starts and turned out pretty well.

drizzy said...

gabriel got axed? what for? that guy was pure entertainment and he knew his shit.

caught the FIFA draw. Group G is insane with Brazil, Portugal and Korea! Spain should easily come out of their group.

gbvh said...

don't you mean ivory coast?
korea ain't got much of a chance in that one.