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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Night in the ruts

Aston Villa host Tottenham today in what should be the EPL match of the day. Spurs scored 9 last weekend so it'll be interesting to see if they can keep that torrid pace. That one goes at 12:30.

Wonder if Phil Mickelson is thinking "told ya I could out drive Tiger"? And are you like me, stunned to learn Tiger wasn't driving a Buick like he endorsed for years? And if he was driving a Caddy, why didn't it tell him which way to go? That's all I've got. I'm here all week, tip your waiter. Word is there was a bit of a domestic spat at Eldrick's home and that his wife delivered the cuts to his face. Something to do with a National Enquirer article detailing an affair Tiger was having with Rachel Uchitel?

The winless New Jersey Nets are approaching the all-time futility record set by the expansion Miami Heat at 0-17 and need another to go. And to make matters better, they're on the road, though they had a stop at lowly Sacramento on the trip and lost that one last night. Real shame that Wince Carturd isn't there still for this. He deserves this kind of streak.

Word is Touchdown Jesus is bailing on Notre Dame and the Second Coming, such is the state of the Domers.

The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. has put together the top six goals of the decade, including some Canadian content. Check it out here.

A Saturday without a UFC event? Seems weird, no? Had to get that in before The Ultimate Finale airs next weekend on Spike TV for a relatively dull season of The Ultimate Fighter.

So much for Robin Van Persie's placenta treatment speeding up the healing of his bad ankle. Now comes word he'll be undergoing surgery and will be out five months.

Former Buffalo Bills QB JP Losman is now a champion, after he lead the Las Vegas Locomotives to the UFL championship. And right on cue, he wants back in the NFL. Honestly, if you're the Buffalo Bills, is he your best option right now? Could well be.

Allen Iverson's alleged retirement plans could be over already as the Philadelphia 76ers, his first team and where he had his best moments, are interested.

The Toronto Argos are said to be interested in moving their home games to BMO Field. Cannot imagine that MLSE goes for that with a grass installation happening now. If there is something worse than playing soccer on turf, it'd be playing it on chewed up grass. Totally defeats the purpose.

When Chris Bosh took a knee from Paul Pierce last night in the Raptors 116-103 loss in Boston, and it was left to the coaching staff to stand up for him, you saw all you needed to see about the heart of the Raptors and how tight they are as a team, which is to say, "very little" and "not very".

Word is Roy Halladay has told the Toronto Blue Jays he'd accept a trade to the New York Yankees. Make it happen, Brian Cashman.

Have a great Saturday.


drake said...

lol what does carter have to do with anything with this year's nets? it's been years since his leave from toronto.... get over it. he's playing some really great basketball this year.

gbvh said...

he's also still a turd.

gbvh said...

he's also still a turd.

TB said...

Funny, I don't recall saying a word about Carturd with respect to Toronto. A piece of shit is a piece of shit no matter where it is or was from.

drake said...

but your anger for carter comes from his days as a raptor, no? just saying...