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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KFC Yum!

The second leg's of Champion's League get under way today.  Barcelona host Arsenal needing to overcome a 2-1 road loss and really, I get the feeling they could drop a four or five goal curb stomping on the Gunners, who looked to be down Robin van Persie and coming off an uninspired Sunderland performance, until ti was revealed RVP will indeed start.  I recall previous year's where Arsenal would have Champions League/FA Cup and their EPL runs all end in consecutive games.  The latter might not happen this time, but the previous two just may. The other game today sees AS Roma at Shaktar Donetsk, with Shaktar winning the first leg last month and largely in cruise control for this one.

Amar'e Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony were laughing it up over the reports of the Miami Heat having some players in tears after their latest loss.  I'm loving the Knicks more and more all the time, especially for how they openly disrespect the Heat.

The arena in Louisville, Kentucky is named the "KFC Yum! Arena". Only in Necktucky.

Why is it everytime the Toronto Maple Leafs lose of late - and it hasn't been often, it must be said - the papers start speculating that goalie James Reimer is tired?  Plenty of goalies lose games without being tired. Crazy, I know.

Saw a list for NHL Rookie of the Year that included Jeff Skinner, Logan Couture, Taylor Hall, James Reimer and...PK Subban? For me, Reimer hasn't played enough and Subban is only on if he's wearing Skinner's jersey again. The former Kitchener Ranger - Skinner - is a lock.  That's no knock on Subban, who I think will be a star and is a nice break from the cliche spewing NHL machine, I just don't think he's had a great year.

Poor LeBron James, he will only need his Miami Heat to go 19-0 to close out the season to win more games than he did last year in Cleveland. There's a hole in my soul.  Great bit here on the idea that Miami never considered the possibility of what Dwayne Wade would think of watching LeBron fail repeatedly when games mattered most.

While it will barely register insofar as important MLB announcements are, it will register presumably insofar as your enjoyment of Toronto Blue Jays broadcasts on Rogers SportsNet go: Gregg Zaun is retiring.  Here's hoping he doesn't make it back up north to ruin broadcasts.

Sidney Crosby's sister has a concussion as well, and it makes front page news.  Only in Canada.

Steve Simmons at the Toronto Sun checks in on the latest with the Steve Moore lawsuit of Todd Bertuzzi  and the former Vancouver Canucks owners expected to make its way to trial next year and the .  It was seven year's ago yesterday that Moore was driven into the ice and had his neck broken.  My how far the NHL has come since then! Simmons says this one has the potential to bring the NHL to its knees.

When you're Carlo Ancelotti, manager at Chelsea, and declare that the team isn't really your team because it is the owner making personnel decisions, isn't that essentially saying "if it doesn't go right, it isn't on me"?  Going to guess that's exactly how owner Roman Abramovich interprets it and Ancelotti, accurate or not, walks the plank for saying so.

Here are the 25 Most Overrated Wrestlers. Lost on me: who rates Finlay, never mind overrates him?

Since their February 18th blockbuster deal, the Colorado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues have gone a combined 3-12-1.  Wonder if TSN and SportsNet will devote a day of coverage to analyzing that?

Could the stories of Alex Rodriguez being on the downward slope be premature? If early indications are accurate, A-Rod could have a monster year.

Epic Meal Time...road trip! The crew rolled to Kingston this weekend, where everything is legal, as long as you don't get caught.

The NFL needs to come to a labour agreement, quick.  Or, we'll be treated to more horrific videos like Tom Brady getting his groove on at Carnival in Rio, with a disaster of a pony tail.

Check out this past weekend's Duke loss (yeah!) at North Carolina at three frames a second, with no Dick Vitale (even more "yeah!")

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