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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Air Canada strafes NHL

Air Canada fired a serious shot across the bow of the NHL with a strongly worded letter saying they would be reviewing their sponsorship of the NHL and its teams if a serious and immediate action on headshots wasn't taken, because they fear a fatality.  So there you go Gary Bettman, you've got yourself a full blown, hammer-you-in-the-wallet crisis on your hands from all the foot dragging you've done on that issue.  Congratulations.  Shame that Sidney Crosby's words weren't enough to get them thinking months ago.  Bruce Arthur says the NHL's "it was a hockey play" excuse is played.

Montreal Canadien Max Pacioretty, he of the severe concussion and fractured vertabra - lucky he's not paralyzed - told TSN that he thinks Zdeno Chara's hit on him Tuesday night was intentional, so not surprisingly, he's disgusted that no suspension was given.  Vancouver Canucks forward Tanner Glass told The Province’s Jason Botchford that “if you polled 700 NHL players, 680 would say he knows exactly what he’s doing and knows the turnbuckle is there.”  Presumably the other 20 are Boston Bruins and wouldn't say.  I refuse to believe a pro wouldn't know where he was on the ice.

Tottenham and Schalke advanced to the quarter finals in Champions League play yesterday.  The other four to advance will be sorted out this coming Tuesday and Wednesday with four more games.  Already a few new entries among the final eight, which makes things even more interesting.

Apparently, if there is a streaker in a sixth division soccer game in England dressed up as Borat, do not tackle him to the ground even if stewards are in not-so-hot pursuit.  You get red carded for that, though I don't recall ever hearing about such a rule.  Question: what was someone doing with a camera at a sixth division soccer game?

Duane Rollins checks in with a sobering look at the upcoming Toronto FC season, which will start next Saturday with a game in VancouverWhitecaps part owner Steve Nash is hell-bent on making it to the game, traveling back to Vancouver despite his Phoenix Suns playing the Friday night as well as the next day.

Ohio State football made $63.7 million last year. Wonder why there might be pressure on coaches to stretch the rules now and again?

Tiki Barber...oh why even bother cracking on him?  Desperate times, right Tiki?

Awesome story, and pics, of a hardcore New York Yankees fan that broke into (old) Yankee Stadium as it was being torn down with a lady friend and slammed some beers while taking some pics. 

Love, LOVE Chris Webber mocking the Miami Heat.  Memo to the Toronto Raptors: next time the Heat roll into town, rock the old "Tears Are Not Enough".  I'm begging.

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gbvh said...

Nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- shocks me about hockey anymore.

Goon. Game.