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Friday, March 11, 2011

Bettman: Sabateur?

Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") once put forth a theory years back that Gary Bettman was out to ruin the NHL and more and more, he's looking like he might have hit the nail on the head.  Ignoring the lunacy of going into non-hockey markets repeatedly, moving to a nothing U.S. network rather than sticking to ESPN, even if you're losing money on the venture, let's look - again - at how they're handling player safety.  Air Canada, one of their biggest corporate sponsors, expressed concern over how they have handled the Max Pacioretty/Zdeno Chara situation specifically, but over-the-line play in general.   The league's response?  They thumbed their nose at Air Canada. Even NASCAR knows you don't piss off your sponsors.

Looks like the Miami Heat's fans had better things to do mid-way through the second quarter against the LA Lakers last night.  The Heat managed a win, however.

I couldn't agree more that the NHL has its collective head in the sand here (and in general).  Since January, they've now had their biggest star, Sidney Crosby, (out, by the way) question the way things are going, and you can now add Joe Thornton and Henrik Sedin to the sceptics , sponsors (Air Canada), owners (Mario Lemieux earlier this year and now Habs owner Geoff Molson) and politicians express concerns.  And these are CANADIAN'S (Sedin aside) who are generally apologists for the game.  If that doesn't suggest things have crossed a line, I don't know what has.  They're EXTREMELY lucky right now that Max Pacioretty will be able to walk again, and they're playing with fire if they don't address safety more than they have. 

The UFC is contemplating a move to 9pm starts for its pay-per-views to attract more east coast viewers and let them make the Sunday morning papers in the east. Say what you will about Dana White and his company, but nobody thinks more about growth of their sport and business and doing what's better for fans. UFC 129 in Toronto will be the first to go at 9pm by all indications.  No UFC fighter has ever been stretchered from the octagon, or suffered fractured vertabra, by the way.

I would love for the Toronto Sun and other publications explain to me why printing the first, second and third tables for Scottish soccer makes sense. Their Premier League barely warrants a run.

Tom Verducci, who has made quite the name for himself over the year's in analyzing pitchers at risk of injury for excessive work below age 25, is now dipping into looking at mechanics, with a look here at Stephen Strasburg and how his motion likely blew out his elbow. On his "watch" list? Toronto Blue Jay Kyle Drabek.

Which of these seems more likely: reading yesterday that Philadelphia Phillies starter Roy Halladay threw six superb innings, or that Minnesota Twins starter Carl Pavano has been the most impressive pitcher of all this spring?  While the first is true,  the latter is what some scouts also said yesterday.

Bad scenes in Japan today.  Say a prayer.

Somebody took the time to do an amazing animation of Tottenham Spurs Gareth Bale shredding Inter Milan in group play of the Champions League a few months back.  And here are the actual highlites, starting 3:11 in.


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