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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UFC in Toronto? Prepare to pay.

UFC 129 in Toronto was made official with a visit by UFC President Dana White.  Also official?  The top ticket price of $902.49, including a very reasonable $102.49 service charge.  $65.50 is the cheapest ticket, and you can see the map here to see if you want to get raped invest in being among the 40,000 in attendance.  That aside, the two title bouts should be dynamite, and the undercard is looking like it'll be the best one of any of the previous events in CanadaFull card here.

Love the "Green Bay Packers dynasty" talk in all corners of the sports world now. Wasn't the same said of the New York Giants and New Orleans, just to name recent squads so anointed?"

After last night's 2-0 loss to visiting San Jose Sharks, the Washington Capitals have now posted a goose egg eight times this year. The Caps are on pace to score 223 goals this year (2.73 per game), 95 fewer than last year's 318 they scored (3.87 per game).

Now that Aaron Rodgers has his Super Bowl win, who is the best QB to not win one?

Since November 28, 2010, the Cleveland Browns have won more games than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After shockingly losing to last place Wolves on the weekend, Manchester United host cross-town rival Manchester City this weekend with much at stake.  The local police are so concerned with what could happen in and around the stadium they've asked City to tell captain Carlos Tevez, a former United player, to keep the incendiary comments to himself, and nearby pubs are being told to restrict flow of booze leading up to the game.

Glee is touring?  And hitting Toronto?  That's far more offensive than a biker brawl breaking out in the middle of a porno convention on the front steps of a mosque with Don Cherry running commentary and a reunited 2-Live Crew providing background music while 12-year old prostitutes service heroin addled illegal immigrants over the carcasses of executed dogs. 

Montreal Canadiens assistant captain Hal Gill to fellow defenceman PK Subban: "You're an asshole." Gill to media: "and you can write that."

It really and truly is hard to miss a goal from this close.

Check out Orlando Magic(ian?) Gilbert Arenas walking to the locker room at half-time and being served child support papers.  Lovely.  Says Stan Van Jeremy: "Agent Zero, what have you got there?"  "You know, Coach, just some child support papers"

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