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Friday, February 11, 2011

Matt Cooke = P.O.S.

After a couple blow-ups with point guard Deron Williams, Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has resigned after 23 years as coach, almost all regarded as one of the best in the NBA.  If there was any doubt the NBA is a players league, let there be no more.

Iron Mike Tyson, who I can remember fighting most of the time at 218, such a fan of his I was, has dropped 140 lbs in six months from a high of - get this - 350.  Champ has slimmed down!

Frank Piliere at Fanhouse offers up his list of the Top 100 baseball prospects.  Yankees fans rejoice, you've got 4 players rated in the top 44.  Not bad for the allegedly bankrupt system some would have you believe.  Maybe one of the prospects nets the quite possibly available Francisco Liriano?

The NFL walked away from the negotiating table when players looked to get 50% of all revenues.  Yep, it is getting ugly, and fast.

If you don't think Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke is an absolute disgrace to sports in general, and hockey in particular, then you must not have seen more than two of the horrible hits he delivers in this montage of dirty hits.  Maybe Sidney Crosby's lingering concussion symptoms that he won't rule out may end his season is the hockey gods exacting revenge for a league that has suspended this piece of garbage for all of ten games over his entire career?

Full disclosure: I wouldn't exactly call myself a dog lover.  Never owned one.  Don't hate them, just not emotionally attached to them.  But it strikes me as a bit much that Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle would say there are times he hoped Michael Vick would get hurt while watching Philadelphia Eagles games because for "everything [Vick's] done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen."  Suppose millions upon millions lost and a couple years in the Crowbar Motel don't qualify as "bad" in Buehrle's world.

The Nashville Predators traded for Mike Fisher, who of course is married to Carrie UnderwoodHeadline in the Tennessean? "Predators acquire Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood's husband."  Guess being a solid, solid player wasn't enough.

Anti-joke?  I beg to differ. is updated almost daily.  If you click one link today, make it this one.

Brian Wilson talks to MLB 2K11 version thereof.  Love that guy.


gary said...

Completely agree on Cooke. He's gotten just as bad as Ovechkin. Suspension was justified, and I think most Pens fans will agree.

Although Cooke and Ovechkin look like saints compared to the Cro-Magnons from the Isles last night.

TB said...

"Almost as bad as Ovechkin"? That's funny Gary, because surely you cannot be serious about that. Matt Cooke's mom would find that defence indefensible.

gary said...

Cooke got his 4 games, and deservedly so. But all the other crying from guys like Don Cherry and the rest of the NHL experts is pretty hypocritical. You got that turd Jeremy Roenick chirping, yet he can't remember boarding Mike Modano.

Tyutin wasn't completely defenseless, since he saw him coming from 20 feet away, and turned his back to him.

The knee out on Ovie was a move he learned directly from the master himself...Ovie, who like Cooke, is also a "repeat offender." If I had the time, I could make a similar montage of dirty hits from #8 without too much difficulty.

And the blind side hit on Savard was a copycat from your boy Richards.

just saying.

TB said...

What is incredibly hilarious is you actually believe the shit you're writing, or are putting on a hell of an act, which would be even more impressive and at least worthy of applause. Those that believe in karma must be pointing at Sid, sitting at home in Nova Scotia contemplating a life of drooling and shitting the bed and saying "see...Matt Cooke."

But I'll invite you to create a similar vid, given none exists at the moment with that kind of severity or depth of depravity (I don't even have to check, we know these things when not a Penguin fan). Unless you're good at graphic design and superimposing one guys head onto Cooke's, I wish you luck finding it.

Guessing Marc Savard thinks differently than you do, too. Quick, name a guy whose career Ovechkin hurt, perhaps beyond help?