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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cockfighting fail

Word is that Albert Pujols has set a February 16th date to have an extension done with the St. Louis Cards or he'll enter free agency, which could end up being the most ridiculous baseball free agency circus ever, even with some prominent players not looking for first basemen.  Jon Heyman at says there is virtually no chance a deal gets done.

Sounds like the talk of Carmelo Anthony being dealt to the LA Lakers for Andrew Bynum, among others going both ways, is in fact a real discussion.  Would love to see that happen and then see the Lakers smoke Miami in the NBA Finals, assuming of course both can even make it there.

Count Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Rupp among the good guys in sports.  After his slamming into the boards in warmups knocked someone's beer off the ledge on the boards in the stands, he came back with a $10 bill taped to a signed puck and lobbed it to the fan.  Nice.

When Rashad Evans went down with a bad knee, don't think few would have looked to Jon "Bones" Jones, moments after defeating Ryan Bader on Saturday, as the next in line for a title shot against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua a mere six weeks out, but Jones it is.

The MLS will finally release its 2011 schedule today.  Whenever you get around to it, MLS. I mean, all your stadiums are sold out already anyways, right?  Oh...wait...

How do you know if you're a loser?  When you're killed.  By a cockfighting bird.

The Buffalo Bills are changing their uniforms for next season. They had zero (0) playoff seasons with the current set over the course of 8 years. Quick studies they are not. They'll reveal the new threads at a later date. 

One of the better websites in recent memory is the quick hitting, but slightly ambiguously titled, "Why I Don't Get Laid."

Nice to see Boston Bruin Gregory Campbell carve up the face of Montreal Canadien Tom Pyatt using his elbow pad (video here).  Am sure league disciplinarian Colin Campbell (relation: father) will come down real hard on him.  Not a good night for the Habs on the fight front, getting the short end on most of the two line scraps of the night, and on the scoreboard, where they were 8-6 losers.

Somehow, the New York Knicks, who are a pretty decent team this year and playoff bound more than likely, have managed to lose home games to Golden State, LA Clippers and Sacramento, who are a combined 12-51 on road elsewhere in NBA.

Glasgow Ranger El Hadji Diouf was wiped out badly in a game recently, but that didn't stop somebody from creating a GIF of him getting wiped out by nobody, which has turned into a contest to see who can come up with the funniest cause of the fall.  Not sure why this is so funny, but know that it is.  The rope that yanks him is my fav.

Who but the Pittsburgh Pirates would lose an arbitration case against a pitcher that went 1-11 last year?  Ross Ohlendorf sees his pay jump from $439k to just over $2 million.  Guess that makes him 1-0 for 2011?

The Green Bay Packers off-season of fun is off to a running start.  After a run on Letterman for Aaron Rodgers, where he barely kept in his feelings for Brett Favre, now you've got a mess of Packers hitting WWE's SmackDown! program on Friday night.   "But you already knew that."

Epic Meal Time does tacos.


gbvh said...

>Count Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Rupp among the good >guys in sports. After his slamming into the boards in >warmups knocked someone's beer off the ledge on >the boards in the stands, he came back with a $10 bill >taped to a signed puck and lobbed it to the fan. Nice.

And then there was the epic glass shattering in the Rangers-Storm game Tuesday night (Ranger player shattered the glass with his fricking skate!?) ... shit flies everywhere all over the fans ... and the guys skate away with nary a "Hey, are you ok?"

Joe said...

That taco thing was hard to watch near the end. I think it was the cheese.