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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back in business

Like plenty of other people out there, I was laying low after an epic Super Bowl Sunday.  Never a dull moment.  Mix in a Headstones and Danko Jones show the night prior - at separate venues, no less - and the Angel of Death seemed to be looming a good chunk of yesterday.

The Super Bowl itself started the way the last couple Grey Cups have largely gone - dullsville.  But when it picked up, it really picked up and wasn't decided 'til late in the 4th quarter.  No need to get into the game too much as it has been dissected plenty, but the better team on the day won, and also the one we told  you would take care of the spread to finish the year at 67.4%.  Pretty freaking impressive if you know a thing about gambling in general, and the tough business of picking Prime Time games and playoff games.  That tops last year's 65.2%.  A third year like that and it might be time for a 1-900 tout line.

Have to have a laugh that the Super Bowl draws 111 million viewers - a record - and the talk is it is the "most viewed program in history".  Except for the fact that represents about 15% of the audience of the World Cup Final last year.  Love American hyperbole, but sometimes fact gets in the way of a good story.

That's seven of eight correct for EA Sports Madden series now.

Green Bay Packers GM Mike McCarthy had the team fitted for Super Bowl rings in the weeks leading up to the game.  Something tells me that that info might not have been made so widely available had Rashard Mendenhall not developed a case of the dropsies.

Tweets @TuckerMax: "Tough road to the Lombardi Trophy for GB--beat a dog murderer, a diabetic quitter and a rapist. Congrats Packers, you earned it."

I'm typically against things that are a departure from the regular game, which explains my disdain of All-Star games.  And while I love the Super Bowl, and can't recall the last bad one, do we really need 28 minutes of half-time, much less with the Black Eyed Peas.  Seems BEP's Wikipedia page was hacked on Sunday.  Oh, and nice bedazzling on the hat, Slash.  

Buster Olney says the negotiations between the St. Louis Cardinals and Albert Pujols are "not moving at all" with 11 days left before Pujols deadline to be signed or enter free agency.

Wonder how many among the NFL Players Union know their health benefits expire along with the collective bargaining agreement on March 4th?

The LA Dodgers are going to be wearing Brooklyn Dodgers throwbacks for six games this season.  Check out the possibilities here.

The average length of a baseball game in 1960 was 2:38. In 1997, the average was 2:58. MLB wants it at 2:45. All via Wikipedia, of course.

Seems Rolling Stone didn't figure Katy Perry was buxom enough, judging by these before and after cover shots.

Cristiano Ronaldo is freaking ridiculous for not only thinking of this on the fly, but executing it perfectly.  CR7 scored a pair on the weekend, while Lionel Messi had three.  Both sit at 24 on the season.  Yeah, there's no scoring in soccer.

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bukkake said...

thanks for that Katy Perry link. that thing is fucking hypnotic. I have accomplished nothing today at work other than staring at that on my computer screen and firing four loads into my shorts.