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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spreading a little venom on Family Day

The best thing about yesterday's Heritage Classic in Calgary?  It looked like an outdoor game should look like.  No lame coverings on the surrounding area, just real legit snow.  No rain, just cold.  The Flames were 4-0 winners over the visiting Montreal Canadiens.

Over the past three years, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has a 1.64 ERA. It is not only the best in the majors for that period (with a  minimum 150 appearances), but it is the best three-year run at any time in Rivera’s Hall of Fame career. Think about that, his age 38-40 seasons have been better – at least ERA wise – than any other three-year run in his career.  Crazy how great he is.  For me, the most important Yankee of the last 15 years, hands down.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho saw his team win on Saturday, marking 9 calendar years that teams coached by him have gone without losing a league home match.  No matter what you think of the man, that is incredible.

Very classy of Don Cherry to crack on Mario Lemieux on Saturday night's "Coaches Corner"segment as being a hypocrite for hammering the NHL's handling of the post-Isles/Pens brawl last weekend.  Grapes called Lemieux a hypocrite because he's got Matt Cooke on the roster.  Now, I'm not fan of Cooke, but Cherry calling anybody a hypocrite is sheer hilarity, nevermind a guy with the class and resume of Lemieux.  Question: what says "hypocrite" more than the clown in the checkered suit above flipping the bird to the nation who markets videos largely of fights to the same kids he pretends to care about?  Word is Grapes hard-on for Cooke is the result of Cooke confronting him last season in Toronto over comments Cherry made previously, and the old clown has been on the war path since.

Canadian Milos Raonic is lighting up the ATP tennis tour, losing a dramatic final yesterday to Andy Roddick in Memphis yesterday that will see him rocket up to #37 in the world, when he started 2011 deep past 100.  Says Roddick of Raonic: "Coming from an old guy who's seen a lot of players, you have a very, very bright future."  Roddick won the match with a ridiculous shot that you can see here, and Raonic said "Even here, as a finalist, I think I might be on one of YouTube's most-viewed points."  Roddick called it the best shot he's ever hit.  Yeah, I imagine it was.

Did you see the mask Montreal Canadien Carey Price was rocking yesterday in Calgary?  I'm torn.  Is it the worst mask ever...or the best? The mask was a tribute to the original worn by Jacques Plante.

Why I'm still optimistic, regardless of what the Boston Red Sox have done, heading into the next Yankee baseball season: last year, CC Sabathia was wonderful, but Andy Pettitte (hurt) and Phil Hughes (fatigue) faded in the second half, AJ Burnett and Javier Vazquez had two of the worst seasons for regular starters in Yankees history, and the three plug-in starters — Sergio Mitre, Dustin Moseley and Ivan Nova — combined for a 5.24 ERA. The Yankees had 25 games in which a starter gave up six or more runs — six more than any other playoff team, and they still made the playoffs and won 95 games and got off the gas late to do it.

Somehow, Isiah Thomas retains huge influence in the player movements of the New York Knicks.  What the hell does he have on the Dolan ownership that let's him usurp - love that word - the power of current (alleged?) GM Donnie Walsh?

NBA in Vancouver?  Don't believe the hype.

If you're on Twitter, or wondering why you should be, just follow The Iron Sheik.  Sheer hilarity.

From what I saw on Saturday, and it wasn't much, not sure how Blake Griffin won the sLAME Dunk Contest.  And how do you score a 50 when you repeatedly miss attempts at a dunk?  Shouldn't you be penalized for that?  At any rate, a compilation of actual relevant dunks, in competition stuff from Griffin.

Here’s A (Nearly) Exhaustive Video Compilation Of Blake Griffin Dunks from Deadspin on Vimeo.


gbvh said...

I can't think of a bigger embarrassment on television than Don Cherry.

gary said...

i've seen the coaches corner a few times down here, and it's a pretty piss-poor production, imho.

was he less stumbly and mumbly when he was younger?

Joe said...

Second biggest embarrassment on television: having Nickelback at the closing ceremonies at the Olympics. I know it's been a year, but I still can't comprehend how that was okayed.

TB said...

I would have gone with American Idol, Joe. But same shit really.