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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crosby done for the year?

Inter Milan gave up a goal in the dying moments to give Bayern Munich, last year's finalist, a huge 1-0 road win heading to Munich for the second leg. For Inter, that's their first European loss at home since November 2008.   Manchester United drew at Marseille in a game they could have put away early.  They're back in Manchester in two weeks for the second leg.

Nick Kypreos appeared on Prime Time Sports and relayed that Sidney Crosby, out with a concussion, has done nothing for seven weeks beyond "testing the waters", and typically shutting down quickly.  7 weeks off is more than most guys take in a summer, so he'd be looking at quite the grind to get back in game shape. Kypreos said he'd be "absolutely shocked" if Crosby played again this season. Ouch. Glad the NHL still waffles on head shots when they might see Crosby as the next Lindros, a great player whose career was shortened by head injury.  And while I don't believe the shots he took were intentional, the NHL would be wise to get any head contact out - no excuses - before they lose another all-time talent.  And yes, that would mean no fighting.

Can't fathom why you would, but people are selling tickets to a Yankees and Red Sox game for $750 per.  The game is on March 14th.  Yes, a pre-season game is selling for $750.  Insanity.

AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gatusso was suspended for four games for his act last week in Champions League play, and obviously will not be playing against Tottenham next week in the return leg in London.  That said, he won't even be in attendance as he's been advised there are 47,000 looking to slap him.

Bill Simmons long rumored project will be a new website that is 70% sports, 30% pop culture which is probably no different than his ESPN work.  What is different is that the website will be separate from ESPN and not be branded ESPN.  Does that mean he won't have to dance around "Delonte West banged LeBron's mom" talk anymore?

I'm a big fan of Apple, but am no means among the Apple Nazi's who slurp everything that comes out of Apple as the greatest thing ever and think they've never created a poor product, and even less so think that you need fourteen thousand apps of anything - who has the time? - but here's a fantastic baseball app that is mindblowing when you consider the amount of data this sucker packs.  You're just looking at video there, not a download about to happen.  MUST SEE.

Forget the rumors of a Mark Texeira for Albert Pujols deal.  Tex says he's got a no-trade deal and isn't going anywhere.

The 30 Most Annoying Things Fans Do.  Definitely love #24.


gbvh said...

Four games. That's it??
How NHL.

Joe said...

I couldn't agree more with you about Apple. Reminds me of this: