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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The great Melodrama of this NBA season is finally over, with Carmelo Anthony getting dealt to the New York Knicks with a whole mess of players going each way, including Chauncey Billups joining the Knicks.  Billups, by the way,  is hitting 44% of his 3-pointers and 92% of his free throws this season. Dude ain't done.  'Melo was on Conan last night, taped before the deal was announced, and obviously coy about where he was going.  Conan had a solid jersey created for him.

Champions League round of 16 play resumes today with Lyon hosting Real Madrid, and FC Copenhagen hosting the realing Chelsea.  Both games go at 2:45, and I'm taking the visitors in both.  Speaking of Real, star Cristiano Ronaldo needed all of 51 games in Real to score his 50th goal.  Anybody in the NHL come close to that recently?

The loose cannon Steinbrenner brother, Hank, talked of how the New York Yankees seemed a bit too complacent last year coming out of 2009, and were "too busy building mansions".  Of course, as far as I can tell, only Derek Jeter is known to have been building a mansion recently.  Safe to assume DJ heard the comment.

TMZ reports that Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber was detained in Beverly Hills with this headline: "NFL Star Marion Barber Detained At Bev Hills Hotel".  Tweets Tim McMahon of “Major factual error in TMZ story about Marion Barber.  Headline calls him ‘NFL star’.”  Awesome.

Another abdominal strain for Philadelphia Philly Cliff Lee? He missed the start of the 2007 and 2010 seasons with similar problems. 

There are some things I will never get.  Cricket is among them.

Alex Rodriguez, cleared for full workouts the first time since his hip surgery a couple years back, is down 10 lbs and dropped his body fat from 12% to 9%, is looking comfortable at Yankees camp, on the field...and off.

In the Greek soccer league, fans of hated blood rivals Olympiakos and Panathanaikos got loose post-game, with predictable results.

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