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Friday, February 18, 2011

Absolutely love the LA Dodgers new t-shirts they're offering for sale.  More than a slight backhand to the chops of the Anaheim Angels.

The early editions of RM this week resulted in just being ahead of the announcement that Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera put on a legendary show on Wednesday night in Lakeland, Florida.  After some car troubles left his car smoking at the side of the road, an approaching police officer found Miggy, slurred speach and all, taking swigs from a bottle of Scotch.  So he's more than a little off the wagon, one might assume.  Cabrera capped off the cycle with the always hilarious "don't you know who I am?"

As predicted here a few weeks back, Jim Rome will indeed be a big part of the offering from TSN Radio, which will launch on AM1050 in Toronto on April 13th.  Dan Shulman's role has just become more clear too with the announcement.

Yours truly worked a question into ESPN's Baseball Today a couple days back.  Tune in here, my email is at the 15:18 mark.

The Toronto Blue Jays officially announced their extension of Jose Bautista yesterday at 5pm. At the same time, Rogers email network went down. Coincidence?  Methinks not. 4 hours and change later, it was back. 

The NHL gets all the big league run this weekend with the NBA running its All-Star game. I'm sure they'll goon it up just to get the kind of run they're after from ESPN. Speaking of gooning it up, Michael Farber at looks at the recent thuggery.

The English Premier League is on an FA Cup weekend. Boo.

No RM til Monday folks, just a head's up for all you regulars.

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gbvh said...

RM must be saving the Cricket World Cup preview for the weekend.