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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Champions League is back on

The Champions League round of 16 action gets under way today with a pair of games, highlited by Tottenham visiting AC MilanSpurs midfield stud Rafael Van der Vaart has been declared healthy for this one, with Luka Modric a question mark and Gareth Bale out.  Still think the quick attacking Spurs, who have looked good in Europe this season, are too much for the aging Milan.  The other game today sees Spain's Valencia host German side Schalke.

Might the Buffalo Bills look at Cam Newton or a QB in general at the #3 pick in the NFL draft?  Sure seems that way, and with all due respect to Ryan Fitzpatrick, why wouldn't they?  Save for a Doug Flutie run, they've not had a top class QB since Jim Kelly.

I knew things weren't great for the Toronto Raptors, but had no idea that in a league where many teams struggle to half fill an arena, they are 20th in attendance this season, says GBVH.  But GM Bryan Colangelo isn't overly concerned with that, as he notes in this Q&A with the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports looks at the Philadelphia Phillies $200 million rotation and has a pick for the NL Cy Young this year.  Hint: it is a Philly who isn't named Roy or Cliff.

If it seems odd that the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Rays are installing new fields this year, here's a good reason: they were free.

Peter Forsberg has had some comebacks cut short due to injury before, but retiring after the latest comeback that lasted all of two games is something else.

How this newscaster is named "Serene" is beyond me, as her delivery is anything but.

David "Boomer" Wells is in the New York Yankees camp as an instructor.  Maybe a fifth starter candidate too?  Or a fourth.

Finally looked deeper into Toronto FC's home schedule for this season.  A lot of night games are gonna mean even more drunken madness than usual at BMO Field.  No more split coverage among three channels either, it is TSN all the time.

"Prince" Naseem Hamed was a boxer known for his flashy entrances to the ring.  Usman Ahmed does him one better with a flashy entrance...and exit.


gbvh said...

I don't think TSN has all the games. There should be a bunch still elsewhere. I think they pretty much have the same number CBC did last year.

gary said...

Champions League WOOOOT!!!

I like your Spurs pick. I'm going draw today, Spurs to advance. Valencia over Schalke!!