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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sloppy Ben Roethlisberger

True story: the NHL came back to play last night and I had no idea til I saw a Twitter blast about the Toronto Maple Leafs winning.

Albert Pujols batting average has gone down the last three year's while his strikeouts have gone up, so not sure where he figures a mid-market club - at best - in St. Louis should drop a 10-year deal on him.  I don't think a 10-year deal is a wise play for anybody. If his agent is looking to the big boys in New York, the Yankees have first tied up with Mark Texeira and the Mets have some money problems thanks to Bernie Madoff, and both Boston (Adrian Gonzalez) and Philadelphia (Ryan Howard) have first locked down too. Doesn't leave much, does it?  Oh, relax Blue Jays fan, it ain't happening.

Wayne Rooney scored a pair of first half goals for Manchester United in a 3-1 win over Aston Villa and that has to be an ominous sign to the rest of the EPL if he's finding his form, which would effectively make him the best transfer deadline pickup.  In other action yesterday, Chelsea had to rally for a 4-2 win over Sunderland, while Arsenal had to come from behind to down Everton 2-1.  Six more games on the schedule today.

Former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, a Chelsea man for less than 48 hours, is already talking about how he'd like to score against his former team. Bad form, FT.  Besides, you're more likely to be hurt anyways.

Crazy NFL stat of the day: it costs $25,000 per game for Fox Sports to have the yellow first down line visible to TV viewers.  Here's how they do it.

In ten days time - February 13th - the Washington Wizards, 0-25 on the road, will visit Cleveland, losers of 21 straight and 31 of 32.  Appointment viewing it is not.

Can't avoid hearing that new Rihanna song where she keeps asking "What's my name?" repeatedly.  Chris Brown must have one wicked right hook.

Check out this coach who not only (1) drove drunk, but (2) did it with a student in the vehicle and (3), well, read on.

Don't believe me when I say there are no new dunks left in the NBA Dunk Contest?  Check out this incredible work to plot each dunk in dunk contest history by score, with a simple click taking you to the YouTube vid of said dunk.  Somebody had some serious, serious commitment to this project!

Remember that gas station brawl we had vid of last week?  Seven people were arrested in the aftermath.

Still trying to figure out what happened in the last episode of The SopranosThis compelling piece says Tony was killed, with fantastic evidence to illustrate why.

There's been talk recently that CBC would be hard pressed to keep its sports properties.  Word is they've lost the rights to hosting MLS to TSN.  Wonder if TSN or SportsNet pony up for Hockey Night in Canada?  Do they keep Don Cherry?  Here's hoping not.

Those crazy kids at EpicMealTime are back with The Sloppy Roethlesberger, just in time for Super Bowl.

The greatest sports pep talk ever.  How did Emelio Estevez "win, win, win!" from The Breakfast Club not make the grade?

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