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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bridge Burning

UFC 126 goes tonight, with a juicy Middleweight title bout between Champion Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort headlining things.  Those two got into an awesome stare down at the weigh ins when Silva donned a mask after accusations by Belfort that he's a fake and wears a mask in public. Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin is guaranteed to be a slugfest, with somebody - or both - busted open and up before a winner emerges, and there's a real interesting Light Heavyweight bout between the electric and eclectic Jon Jones and undefeated Ryan Bader. The entire card here.

The focal point of the EPL schedule this weekend has to be Liverpool's visit to Chelsea tomorrow morning, especially with former Liverpool star Fernando Torres to make his debut for the Blues.  Leaders Manchester United face lowly Wolves today on the road.  United boss Sir Alex FergusonUnited to wrap up the season figures it will take 84 points for , or 30 more in the 14 games remaining.  Former United striker and now Man City star Carlos Tevez says his team is out of the running this year.

There are at least 12 annoying and obnoxious people at every Super Bowl party, and as usual, if you can't identify one, that means you're likely it.  Your final Prime Time Pick of the NFL season comes tomorrow morning. Wager accordingly.

Pretty sad that a win over the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves is enough to get the Toronto Raptors a trending topic on Twitter.   Of course, the Raptors are "competing" with Minnesota for a higher draft pick so not all wins are created equal.

Because mullets never get old.

The first song off the new Foo Fighters record, due out April 12th, live last night in Hollyweird, because I freaking love the Foos Bridge Burning:

White Limo.  Holy hell!

Dear Rosemary, with Bob Mould of Husker Du fame:

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