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Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Harrison delivers the sarcasm

If you're ever looking to snag a gift for yours truly, I'd love the Billy Ripken card at right.  Not because I'm a collector, but I'd love to own that one.

Count the Wynn Las Vegas, a ridiculously filthy rich hotel that cost $2.5 billion to put up, with another $2.7 billion (yes, BILLION) going to its sister hotel Encore next door, and a place that hosted yours truly in November on a work trip, among the casinos worried about the damage an NFL work stoppage would do to their sports books in the second half of 2011.

Ben Roethlesberger isn't exactly staying down while in Dallas for the Super Bowl.  Here's vid of him at a Dallas piano bar, lighting it up on stage.  Word is he bought rounds for the entire bar.  No word on if there was any rape.

The Atlanta Trashers have 20% of all the NHLers black players.

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte says it takes about half a game to figure out what the Green Bay Packers defence is doing.  And his Bears had the benefit of three games against them this year.  More and more, I'm liking the Packers this weekend.

The funniest part of Toronto Maple Leaf Kris Versteeg whining about vandals writing in the dirt on his Audi R8 was that he had to mention they wrote "stuff all over my $150,000 car."  Now, I think messing with a guy's sled is usually a dick move - save for spitting on someone's windshield that parks too close, which I know a few people are partial to - but I'm sure the world is not overly sympathetic to something you can fix with a $10 car wash.  Guess Versteeg didn't notice what happened when the waffle tossing at the Air Canada Centre started to get covered - more people did it.  He can expect more writing on his sled now. presents its annual list of the Top 99 Women.

Make that 22 straight losses for the Cleveland Cavaliers who are getting historic with their ineptitude. The Toronto Raptors have dropped 13 straight themselves and now own the third worst record in the NBABruce Arthur at the National Post says the Raptors are losing right.

Nick Webster at Fox Sports Soccer says the money Chelsea dropped to grab Fernando Torres signals their intent to splash the cash around after a quiet year and a bit prior, and want badly to take a run at the Champions League this year.  Worth mentioning: Chelsea had a huge operating loss of £68.6m ($110 million Canadian) for their last full financial year.

Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison, he of the $100k worth of fines for some questionable hits this year, got off this gem: "I don't want to hurt nobody, I don't want to step on nobody's foot and hurt their toe, I don't want to have no dirt or none of this rubber on the field fly into their eye and make their eye hurt, I just want to tackle them softly on the ground and, if y'all can, lay a pillow down where I'm going to tackle them so they don't hit the ground too hard, Mr. Goodell."  Harrison also thumbed his nose at the concussion debate, saying it isn't an issue if you don't tell your teams' medical staff.  Guessing that comment will draw Commissioner Goodell's attention more than the previous.

Perhaps the worst rap or parody (both?) ever, on the subject of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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