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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ron Wilson finishes where his team's do

A survey of 318 NHLers ranked Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson as dead last among coaches players would like to play forLeafs GM Brian Burke was said to be furious at the results, but he might want to pay attention to them if he's got intentions of signing free agents with a coach so unappealing on a mass level.

Think the Green Bay Packers are thrilled the Super Bowl will be indoors this year?  Since 2008, their offense has averaged 31.8 points-per-game indoors and they have over 40 in their two playoff games indoors.  Rodgers has 26 touchdowns, five interceptions for those 12 games.

Joel Sherman at the NY Post ranks all MLB team's off-seasons, and ranks the Toronto Blue Jays off-season as tops in the game, though he also says their contention window is 2013 and onward, not 2012 as many seem to think.

Things are going well in Dallas so far.  The Dallas Fort-Worth airport is closed this morning thanks to some horrible weather that we'll be seeing in these parts of Ontario today and tomorrow.  Do the world a favor, don't be the loser whining on Facebook about the weather.  Ever.  People already know.  Mock those tools.

How  popular was Ben Roethlesberger six months back with this Pittsburgh Steeler teammates?  So popular that when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell interviewed two dozen Steelers while deciding on Big Ben's suspension last fall, not a single one said anything supportive of their QB.  That, or he interviewed two dozen NFLers, some of whom were Steelers Important distinction you blew there, Peter King As always, the original story grabs more spotlight than the retraction.

The Minnesota Twins announced last week that they'd retire Bert Blylevin's #28 jersey.  I thought it only appropriate to wait before mentioning it.

There's something very refreshing about watching soccer games from around the world and not having to hear the constant nonsense about a "Hall of Fame" that you hear as it relates to sports on this side of the pond, as if that is the be all and end all.

NFL jersey's in soccer jersey style.

It'll take a few minutes, but here are the 100 Best Nicknames in Sports History.

After signing Freddy Garcia yesterday, and earlier no-risk deals with Mark Prior and Bartolo Colon, the New York Yankees are looking like good bets to win the 2005 World Series.  Had to give my squad the business after lighting up the Tampa Bay Rays for their ManRam and Johnny Damon signings.

As mentioned here yesterday, Fernando Torres did indeed make the jump to Chelsea from Liverpool, with the latter buying Andy Carroll from Newcastle to go with Luis Suarez, who we assume will play striker and not in goal.  Fox Sports Soccer looks at the winners and losers at the transfer window deadline for most of Europe.

Hands down, THE most racist ad you'll ever see in your life.


bukkake said...

re: Green Bay indoors - not to pile on (okay, you got me... yeah, to keep piling on) didn't Brett Favre have an awful record in domes while in GB?

re: nickname - where the hell is Henry "Gizmo" Williams and Mike "Pinball" Clemons? Great nicknames.

B. Kennedy said...

Is it wrong of me to want to watch that commercial again?

gbvh said...

I'm with ya on the Hall of Fame.
I've never got why anyone, aside from the players themselves and their families, would give two shits.
Can't believe how much media play that shit gets here.


TB said...

@Bukkake - Favre's "shortcomings" were well known for dome's while in Green Bay, and had only a brief departure in 2009 (the calendar year). 2010 was a whole other ball game, and what a great one it was!

There's a UFC guy - Krystoff Sosyznski (from Winnipeg) - that has a great nickname: The Polish Experiment. Big fan of that one.

@BK - no, I'm guilty of a good half dozen viewings myself, and googling the place to see if it actually exists.

@GBVH - nowhere worse is the HoF thing a debate than in baseball, where it is treated like St. Peter is handing you the keys to heaven or banishing you to hell. That you can have a HoF without Pete Rose or Barry Bonds is absolutely laughable. Drugs or no, isn't it about FAME?