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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silly, silly Anaheim

Notice anything wrong in the picture at the right?  Look closely.  Answer below.

I don't know if Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopolous has some incriminating pictures of his counterpart in Anaheim, but the fact he unloaded Vernon Wells contract for anything of value, nevermind a real nice player in Mike Napoli who could easily produce more than VW is damn impressive.  When your payroll is in the $80-$90 million range for 2011 and you ditched a guy slated to make $23 million of that number, you've done a damn fine job.  Maybe executive of the year worthy before the season even starts.  Okay, I'm just gushing now.  A good day for Jays fans.

Interesting study on NFL announcement teams and how many words per minute they spew. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Walcots ranked as the most verbose due at 189.20 words per minute.  They must not have included the Monday Night team, as I'm pretty sure that Jon Gruden would approach that himself, and all syrupy at that.

Busy weekend in the English Premier League with six teams playing twice in the next few days to make up games put off by bad weather, including leaders Manchester United, who will look to extend their lead at the top with one of the two games in hand they hold on second place Manchester City.

I only have a peripheral knowledge of Glee, but I love hearing that Slash will not allow Guns 'N Roses songs to be used by the show.  No word if he's licensed Velvet Revolver tracks.

The picture above has Rob Niedermayer's name spelled incorrectly.  He actually played three games with it that way.  Guess he can at least say he's not worried about the name on the back.

Jimmy Kimmel provides some song suggestions for the next Britney Spears record...

Kim Clijsters pwns Todd Woodbridge at the Australian Open.

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That purple shirt is ridiculous!