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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pats/Jets finally get it on

Yesterday's Prime Time Picks worked out about as well as one might have expected for all the confidence shown in them.  Nice of the Baltimore Ravens to extend Christmas into January and give away a game that they had signed, sealed and delivered.  One thing I'll promise: if the New England Patriots win today, and they will, they will have an easy time with the Pittsburgh Steelers next weekend.  Far too sloppy, Steelers.  So yeah, I'm playing the Pats -8.5 today.  They may not go 45-3 like last month, but suspect we're looking at 38-17 or something thereabouts.  This one could be 1,000-0 and it'll be worth watching for all the bile spewed this week.

In the NFC yesterday, the Atlanta Falcons started well and then lost their game in a hurry as the Green Bay Packers roared back and absolutely crushed them 48-21.  Silly me for giving the Falcons love after a year of thinking they were way overrated.

Today's NFC contest is about the least appealing of the bunch this weekend, so it'll likely end up being a gem the way the Seattle/New Orleans game was last weekend.  The Seahawks are 10 point dogs in Chicago today, a place they won earlier in the year as 7 point dogs.  I really, really can't see the Seahawks winning - they're 8-9 on the year, travelled to a cold city across the country, and are facing a team that has been up a lot more than down all year - so lean to Chicago.  It would be funny seeing a Seahawks win, however, as they'd host the NFC Championship with a win.

A guy who knows a thing or two about delivering when it matters - Reggie Jackson - had some choice words for the New York Jets, telling them to shut up and focus on playing instead of a meaningless campaign to trash talk the New England Patriots. Says Mr. October:  "Go look at the hardware, dude. Walk through the lobby up there and look at the stuff that's there. You don't have that, you don't have anything close to that [what the Patriots have]. You might want to shut up, you might learn something. Read, you might figure something out. Watch film, you might get educated. If not, you have a chance to get embarrassed on Sunday.

The big game of the English Premier League this weekend comes from London, where first  place and undefeated Manchester United will visit Tottenham.  Historically, these two play some wildly entertaining games, but I suspect a far tighter affair with so much at stake for both teams.  Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic are back to health for United.  Should be a cracker, as the saying goes.  11am on Setanta Sports.

Enjoy the games!

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