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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endless, nameless

I'm not sure there are three quarterbacks historically that I have despised and viewed as overrated more than Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and especially - surprise - Brett Favre.  Might it be their combined playoff record of 30-31?  Probably.  Marino checks in at 8-10, Manning 9-10 (and sinking) and Favre is 13-11, but with the awesome achievement of back to back playoff runs ending with crippling interceptions.

Not sure if the MLS understands simple "supply and demand", but why entertain the notion of a second New York franchise in 2013 when the first isn't even selling out?  Sure, they franchise is reaching into the past by going with "Cosmos" as the franchise name - they often played to a full Giants Stadium in the 1970's with Pele, among others, on the team - and even hired a gem of a soccer name in Eric Cantona to run things.

Toronto Blue Jays (2010) slugger Jose Bautista is looking for $10.5 million in arbitration this off-season, the Jays have countered with $7.5 million.  The best thing the Jays could do with Bautista is see if he comes back in 2011 and produces like he did in 2010 on a one-year deal.  Even if he produces and it costs them extra millions on an extension, it would be less of a gamble than extending him now only to see him revert to the form he showed, well, every other year of his career.

The New York Yankees and Carl Pavano entertained a one-year deal for the free agent pitcher. Seriously.  Guess the Yanks didn't learn enough from their second go-round with Javier Vazquez last year?  Pavano agreed to a two-year deal with Minnesota that could see him pull $17 million.

Clearly, I didn't know Caroline Wozniaki like I thought I did.

Phil Anschutz, billionaiire sports owner of the LA Galaxy, LA Lakers and LA Kings, has agreed to finance an NFLLA if certain conditions are met stadium in , among them a tennant.  Enter the San Diego Chargers.

Hello, Dallas Stars ice girls.

The Miami Heat are 1-7 in games decided by 8 points or less.  Not exactly a recipe to get started on those five, six or seven rings LeBron et al mused about last summer, is it?

Quietly, the San Antonio Spurs are on pace for a 70-12 season.

Still can't believe that Al Davis presser a couple days back. Vince McMahon thinks this guy is over the top.  Here are 10 highlites from it, and yes, that picture of AD is from Tuesday.

Sidney Crosby is said to be so sour the NHL hasn't done more to eliminate head shots that he's essentially boycotting the All-Star Game.  Good for Sid, but it would help if he were more vocal about it. Question: how does the NHL eliminate head shots without eliminating fighting?  Isn't that nothing but head shots?


gary said...

Al Davis = Evil Knievel returned from the dead.

btw: that report on Sid turned out to be bunk. the author David Shoalts retracted his "source" the next day via twitter, and said he made it up. apparently, he just started Slim Fast, so he can't help hating.

bukkake said...

I was in Dallas at American Airlines Arena for NHL opening night a couple of years back.

I saw the Ice Girls. Up close. very close. Like, 10 feet away! I left a sticky mess on the back of the Sean Avery jersey the douchebag in fron of me was wearing.

Then I napped through the second and third period.