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Friday, January 21, 2011

LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi can anticipate a serious, serious fine from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman after this comment last night with regard to a video review of a goal:  "When the guy in Toronto making the decisions on the goals, in Ottawa and the one tonight, wanted the G.M.'s job in L.A. and was not happy about not getting it, you have to assume you are going to get those type of calls.''  Guys that run leagues love when you call the integrity of the game into question.

Last month's issue of Playboy says that 60% of NBA players are bankrupty within five years of retirement and 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in serious financial stress within two years of retirement. Wonder if the NFL owners are paying attention to the latter before putting a gun to the players heads negotiating the new labor agreement?

New York Yankees GM has a simple request for Andy Pettitte as he contemplates retirement: "don't Brett Favre us."  Awesome.

I really, really hope the lack of talk from the final four NFL teams is not a product of Roger Goodell telling teams to curb the trash talk.  Solid piece from the Tampa Tribune that says Goodell is out of line for reigning teams in.  

ESPN's Jim Caple ranks all 30 major league baseball logos.  Memo to Toronto Blue Jays fans: prepare to scroll.

Mean Gene Okerlund says that New York Jet Bart Scott's post-game rant on Sunday reminded him of work.

Wherever Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho goes, drama follows.  And he's throwing fuel on the fire with talk that he may not stay beyond this season.

Silly Pittsburgh Penguin fan...

"Put dirt on the roads"?  Only Emmitt Smith, discussing Super Bowl preparations in Dallas.


Joe said...

I have no idea how Tampa didn't end up last for those logos. It looks like it was designed in MS Word. I personally think both the Marlins and Arizona are horrible. The laundry detergent comment about San Diego was great!

gbvh said...

I think the Colorado Rockies one is particularly hideous.
Top 10? Pshaw!

bukkake said...

#30 is #1 in my heart.

I own a Chief Wahoo bobblehead.

It's awesome.

I should write this with the asterisk that I hate Indians.

gary said...

how did you find that video of me?!?!?!?