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Friday, December 3, 2010

World Cup, LeBron in C-Town, and the Leafs suck

So much for all the talk of England and especially the U.S. being slam dunks to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022.  Instead, it'll be mob-run Russia taking the ball in 2018, and a whole-lot-more-head-scratchingly Qatar in 2022.  Yeah, a  World Cup in the desert in mid-summer, in a country that doesn't widely allow people to drink, what a great idea!  For their part, Qatar is saying that they plan on air conditioning outdoor stadiums.  At least that isn't ridiculous.

Not sure what my fav moment was in the Miami Heat blowout of the Cleveland Cavaliers last night: the "like father like son" chant in warm-ups (LeBron's dad, of course, left the family when he was a child), the  "We should have drafted Darko" sign, or one of the Cavs assistant coaches telling 'bron to, well, pretty sure you can read his lips here (oh, and LOADS more below the vid...just mixing things up):

And speaking of the Heat, my GOD is Chris Bosh ever invisible there.  He looks as lost as Rafael Araujo did in his Toronto Raptors days, and that is some tough task.

Did I hear Deion Sanders say about Michael Vick:  "From Levinsworth to the limelike"?  I think you mean "limelight", PrimeVick was fantastic in last night's entertaining 34-24 win (and Prime Time Pick win) over the Houston Texans.

What could Rogers buying Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment mean for Hockey Night in Canada?  The end, speculates the Toronto Star.  

In case you didn't know, Dan Shulman is the new lead guy on Sunday Night Baseball.  This is a very, very good thing.

A breath of fresh air is new Toronto Raptor Jerryd Bayless, who writes in this piece of how excited he was to come to Toronto, and how excited he is to be a Raptor.  He keeps up with that attitude and he'll be a far greater fan fav than a defensively bankrupt never-was who holds up six fingers to indicate a three pointer.  Thanks to Boris D for that linkage.

A good week is about to kick off for the New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera is about to sign a two-year, $30 million deal today, after turning down three-years and $45 million (or more) from the Boston Red Sox, who clearly don't trust Jonathan Papelbon, and the LA Angels of Anaheim.  Hope you're paying attention, Captain Jeter.  The Cliff Lee chase is going to get heated up, with some predicting it'll be done before the end of next week, and Jeter should re-sign too with talk the Yankees may slightly - and wrongly - up their 3-year $45 million offer.

One thing this sports fan could do without: the big story of Tuesday-Friday of each NFL week being what guys are being fined.  Heard one laughable stat that Richard Seymour's fine for punching Ben Roethlesberger amounted to one quarter of a percent of his annual salary.  Yeah, that'll hurt.  So for the average guy making $50,000 a year, that's $125.  Back breaking stuff it is not.

None of Phil Jackson's 11 championship teams has ever lost four straight games in a season, something this year's LA Lakers have already accomplished.

Christmas gift idea for a New York Yankee fan: PlayStation 3/XBox MLB 10 The Show, because Derek Jeter will still be half decent in it.  Next year's edition won't be so kind.  If anybody has that game or another sitting in their desk drawer, send it my way.

So sour that the powder LeBron James throws up before the game wasn't swapped out for anthrax.

So the alleged Public Enemy #1 in Ottawa Dany Heatley made his first return to Ottawa with the San Jose Sharks last night and was met with plenty of empty seats.  Speculation is a rumor was floated that Heatley would be driving one of the buses moving fans out to Kanata.

Somehow, this guy dated Kate Moss.  What a freaking world.

Explain to me how Ron Wilson still is employed as coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs?  When they're not blowing late leads like they did again to Tampa Bay a couple nights ago, they're getting shut out by last year's league doormat, the Edmonton Oilers, home.  Predictably, fans booed.  But they'll be back next game, they always are.  And if you're wondering, that makes you more sucker than fan.

Best hockey goal celebration ever?  Easy button?  Awesome.


hi said...

You just made a reference to Hoffa. Going to Jay Onrait's Twitter will do that to you.

I am going to love the responds the Qatari government will be giving to hooligans during the tournament. Are women even going to be allowed in the stadiums? And what happens when we see a Brazilian girl go topless at halftime?

Qatar have no business in hosting a major tournament like this. They have never qualified for the World Cup, and I wouldn't be shocked if 2022 will be their first time there. Fck. This. Shit.

Cleveland suck at making noise. They will learn a thing or two from watching us when Carter is in town.

I don't think it's Ron Wilson's fault that everyone in his team is how they are. Burke is now talking about trading away Kaberle. It would break my heart to see what that will do to Toronto's power play--and I don't even care about them anymore.

TB said...

Onrait have a thing for Hoffa? Didn't notice, quite honestly. I usually find the stuff he retweets more worth reading than his own.

I thought the Cleveland crowd was awesome, and I suspect the early "Asshole" chants had the mics turned down promptly. Still, lots of stuff came through nice and clear.

As for Wilson, I figure if you're constantly shit on the PK and PP, at some point that has to come down to the coaches. And I don't care how bad you are, in today's NHL, you don't need a world of talent to score, just blast it in the vicinity of the goal and let pinball take over. Not like a tonne of goals come from intent anyways. In other words, they don't pay the price.

Meanwhile, the Bruins love that they could be looking at a second top three pic for Kessel.

Anonymous said...

Pete Doherty really should think about taking drugs again considering how he looks.