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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barcelona bitch-slap Real Madrid

Barcelona left no doubt who the best side in Spain, if not the world, are after an absolute dominant performance against visiting Real Madrid. Barca shredded the Real defence wide, in the middle, over the top...whatever way they wanted to attack they did, and rendered guys like Mehmet Ozil and Cristiano Ronaldo invisible. Damn impressive. 5-0 final, and could've pushed double that with the odd break.  Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho says Real weren't humiliated says , as the loss is easy to deal with given how emphatic it was. Deadspin has the highlites here if you missed it.

Jon Heyman at takes a look at MLB's hot stove league, which should heat up considerably in the coming days, and where certain players may end up.

How important is Tom Brady in the New England area?  Important enough that stories about whether he's having hair transplant treatments makes the news.

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd says Derek Jeter is the "family values politician who has an affair...selling one thing and doing another".  Presumably he means selling he's all about team?  Cowherd also argues that Jeter has been overpaid his entire career because power hitters and aces make the kind of money he's made, not guys whose numbers compare to Alan Trammell, Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar historically.  He finished comparing Johnny Damon's 2009 against Jeter's 2010.  Damon hit .283 with 82 RBI and a .365 OBP, Jeter .270, 67 RBI and .340.  The Yankees wouldn't pay Damon, who Cowherd says was still better defensively and more useful at the top of the order, $7 million.  So offering Jeter $15 million is extremely generous.  Interesting take.  Oh, and someone in the Yankees camp says that Jeter needs to take a "reality potion". Remember how sour Jeter was for years after A-Rod's comments about Jeter never having to lead and it being different hitting in the #2 hole?  Have to figure this has him carrying a lifelong grudge by comparison.

NFL jersey's...camouflage style.  No, for real. If you rock one of these, you're a certifiable piece of trash.

The Miami Heat are said to be questioning whether Erik Spoelstra is the right coach for them.  I'm going to guess he's got a few issues with the make-up of his team in response.  So if they move to Pat Riley and they remain a poor team, albeit a better than .500 team, what then?  Here's a damning stat: LeBron James has 11 offensive boards on the entire season.  11.  0.6 per game.  If that isn't the sign of a guy content to put it up from the outside, or watch someone else do the dirty work, I don't know what is.  That average represents a career low.  

I couldn't even count how many versions of the same we've had, but here's the latest look at the top WAG's - wives and girlfriends - in the soccer world.  A top 50, if you will.

If you like your toast in the morning, maybe you'll like it even more with the logo of your favorite team burnt onto it?  Warning: word is the Toronto Blue Jays version sees the toast pop out extra early.

Best interception ever?

In a month that has been polluted by creepy 'stache's, it is only fitting that the close of the month sees the ante raised with "Hedo Rick" and his dance below.

The final submission for FIFA Goal of the Year comes from Barcelona's Lionel Messi with this gem against Valencia.


B. Kennedy said...

The Miami Heat are currently 4th last in the NBA in offensive rebounding percentage. Bosh's ORB% is down by more than half of what it was last year; LeBronze's, down by a third. In fact, I think Bosh might be the culprit behind that down in South Beach.

Looking back over Bosh's career, teams he's been on have placed as follows in offensive rebounding percentage: 29th (out of 29), 30th, 25th, 30th, 25th, 28th, 24th last year and sit at 27th right now. (The Raptors, interestingly, sit at 5th). So for all the squawking people have done about Bargnani's rebounding - and rightfully so, honestly - it seems that Mr. Bosh might have a hand in turning his teams into complete non-entities on the offensive boards.

hi said...

I don't think I will be watching any videos posted in this blog from this point on.

TB said...

Didn't like the Messi goal?