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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rogers to buy Leafs/Raptors/TFC/Marlies?

Rogers Communications is in talks to drop $1.3 billion to buy the Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund'sMaple Leaf Sports and Entertainment share in .  The move would make Rogers the largest shareholder in MLSE, and give them control of the Maple Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC and the Marlies, the Air Canada Centre, Ricoh and BMO Field, in addition to their ownership of the Blue Jays and their building.  That'd be some powerhouse of an ownership group, but if I'm a Jays fan, can't imagine I'm thrilled to be in bed with the Leafs, who dominate all things Toronto.  Glad to see my monthly contributions to Rogers by my cell, cable, internet and home phone bills aren't at all profitable.  At least they get those right, their sporting record is poor, at best, if you consider their Jays run and how well their "Bills in Toronto" investment has gone.  Buried in all that talk is word that MLSE President Richard Peddie will be packing it in on December 31st.  Unfortunately, 2011 and not 2010.  He's a shoe-in to be Gary Bettman's speech writer, given how well he does smug through repeated failure.

A thief, and the suspicion is it is somebody that knew the family and certainly the circumstances, broke into the van of Pat Burns widow during his funeral and snagged a bunch of memorabilia that was due for a charity auction.  If there is a hell, that clown has a special spot reserved I'm hoping.

As if the Minnesota Vikings weren't already treating their fanbase so well this season, with one circus after the next, they're upped the ante: they're talking moving to Los Angeles now.  The Vikes lease at the Metrodome expires after next season, whether there is one or not.

If you're at all an NBA fan, and want a great look at the drama queens that are the Miami Heat, check out this podcast with Bill Simmons and Dan Le Batard in which they dissect where the Heat are, and where they're goingSimmons figures Chris Bosh will be ultimately dealt - I'm hoping somewhere really happening like Sacramento or Memphis - while Le Batard says it'll be Dwayne Wade that gets moved.  Great stuff.  The Heat, if you haven't heard, are in Cleveland tomorrow night.

At even strength, where he plays the majority of his shifts, Toronto Maple Leaf winger Phil Kessel is tied for 160th in NHL scoring. He's 2 points ahead of defenceman, and not exactly scoring machine, Mike Komisarek.  Oh, and the Leafs blew a 3-1 lead and lost in overtime to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Can Ron Wilson anytime now, will you?

Another week in the NFL books, another fine for Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison.  This time, Harrison was fined for a helmet shot to the chest of Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick who was allegedly defenceless.  Looking at it, seems Zinedine Zidane's famed head butt to Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final of 2006 was a stiffer shot, minus pads, and didn't get dinged $25k if I recall.

Jim Rome says Derek Jeter doesn't just need to drink some "reality potion", as someone in the New York Yankees organization has suggested, but that a keg of would be more appropriate.  When one of the top shortstops in the game - in his prime - in Troy Tulowitzki signs for $16 million a year, how does Jeter figure he's worth more?

Tomorrow, FIFA will announce which nations will play host to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.  There's a breakdown for 2018 here, for which Russia is the fav, and one here for 2022, for which the United States is expected to win the bidding.

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Kristian A said...

Interesting Le Batardmentioning Meeks having career type numbers matched up with Wade. Had to check out De Rozan's numbers as well for that game (courtesy BD's efficiency stats) and they looked pretty good that game. Can't remember how they stacked up against his other games but he might have a point there.