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Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

Wonder if the Indianapolis Colts still think not going for perfection last year was worth it?  Since then, they were upset in the Super Bowl and have slid badly this year. But hey, they gave Peyton Manning a massive contract. Some of these things are more a cause of their problems than others. And why was Manning still in the game last night with 4 minutes left trailing the San Diego Chargers 36-14?  Oh, and the Colts are 6-7 their last 13.

Can we all finally agree that the myth of "Grey Cup games are always great" is permanently dead and buried?  That has no more truth to it than "Super Bowl's are boring". Lately, the latter has produced far more entertaining games than the three down version has. Oh, and Montreal beat Saskatchewan 21-18 to repeat. And just when I thought the NFL had the market cornered on halftime acts older than God, the Grey Cup exhumes Bachman Turner, and not quite sure what happened to Overdrive, for yesterday's half-time show in Edmonton. Literally can't think of another act that is older and alive to say "what, 'x' weren't available?"

New York Giant Brandon Jacobs was fined for obscene gestures and obscenities after last week's visit to Philadelphia.  Isn't that kind of like fining tourists for speaking Italian in Rome?

The Buffalo Bills had every opportunity to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday in regulation and overtime, including a dropped pass in the endzone that Stevie Johnson had both hands on.  That led to Johnson going to Twitter to question, well, God, as you can see at right.

Sidney Crosby is the only player in the entire NHL scoring more than a point a game at even strength.

After Saturday's 3-0 loss in Ottawa, that's five shoutouts on the road of the allegedly ornery and tough Toronto Maple Leafs. Teams that get shut out that regularly not only lack talent, they lack commitment, and defenceman Luke Schenn called out some teammates for playing soft.

Under coach Tom Coughlin, the Giants are 25-32 from November through the end of the season.  They picked up one of those wins yesterday with an impressive comeback against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Chelsea continued their recent struggles with a draw at Newcastle United, which, when mixed in with Manchester United's 7-1 beatdown of Blackburn, in which Dimitar Berbatov scored five times, sends United top of the table alone.  Fantastic game yesterday between Tottenham and Liverpool, with the Spurs winning 2-1 with a last gasp goal from Aaron Lennon.  Not sure there are teams with more dynamic midfields than the Spurs send out in Lennon, Luka Modric, Rafael Van der Vaart and Gareth Bale.

An anonymous NFLer writes in ESPN The Magazine that he figures four in ten NFLers are using HGH.

In the minutes after actor Leslie Nielsen died, the Sports Pickle got off this gem on Twitter: "Leslie Nielsen died? That sucks. Shoulda been you, Detective Nordberg." Nordberg, of course, was the character played by O.J. Simpson in the classic comedy starring Nielsen, Naked Gun. Perhaps Nielsen died returning a pair of sunglasses to Nordberg's ex-wife?

The New York Knicks are 6-4 in their last 10 games, while the Miami Heat are 4-6.  It could be worse, it isn't like LeBron James is bumping into his coach.  Oh...wait...nevermind.

Toronto FC fans can vote for one of five submissions for one of the teams uniforms.  Personally, option one wins in a weak, uninspired field overall.  Kinda like TFC for most of 2010.

As far as match-ups go, they don't get much bigger or better than Spanish and global soccer powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona locking horns at 3pm Eastern today on GolTVReal Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has the mind games full on ahead of this one, while Cristiano Ronaldo is downplaying talk that this is a match pitting him against Lionel Messi, the two best players in the world in most books.  We know this much for sure: not everybody likes Messi, as you can see in this video from last week's Champions League game in Greece.

It isn't often that football fights are particularly violent, but Houston Texan Andre Johnson took Tennessee Titans dirt merchant Cortland Finnegan to the woodshed in a pounding that you can see here.  Love it, AJ.

Check out this kid falling from the stands in the UCLA/Arizona State game on the weekend.  Word is he not only was fine, but didn't even shed a tear.  Tough kid.

And finally, Linus Hallenius delivers another FIFA Goal of the Year candidate for Hammarby.  This has to be my fav of the bunch.


hi said...

With the offensive line like the Colts have, I am not surprised Manning is struggling. They have zero running game.

I 'missed' the Grey Cup, for what it seems like forever. I think I might have watched it when the Argos made it to the final couple years ago, maybe I didn't.

Doesn't look like that Jesus thing is working out for someone.

TB said...

Sunday Night Football ran repeated replays of Manning's face in the face of a rush and he looked like he was just waiting to get pounded. That's not a good recipe. 4 INT's on the game...he could threaten Favre's impressive number in that area! Loved how after the pick six he threw he acted like it was everybody's fault but his. Never liked that about guys like him or Marino.

And you can't recall if you watched the Grey Cup? But they're all so CLASSIC!

Not following on the Jesus bit...

Kristian A said...

Agreed on the FIFA goal comment, but already said that a week ago. The others are nice, but this one is on another level. Rythmic, the ball never touches the ground and from dead angle.

TB said...

I purposely avoided looking back at which you suggested was the best so I wouldn't have my opinion guided by that. Hands down the best for me. Skill, power, balance, and vision in spades.