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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Vikings win?

At the World Junior Hockey Championships, Canada went down a goal in the opening minute to the Czech's before scoring a touchdown in what ended up a 7-2 final.  So far, so good for the red and white.  Up tonight is a 7:30pm curbstomping game with Norway.

Absolutely stunned that the Minnesota Vikings not only covered last night in Philadelphia, but won outright by a 24-14 score. Who saw that coming?  Crazy, crazy NFL season.

The San Antonio Spurs become just the fourth team in NBA history to go 11-0 at home in a single month when they smoked the LA Lakers 87-82 last night. That also marked the first time the Lakers have lost 10 games by the end of December since 2007.

Manchester City hammered Aston Villa 4-0 to temporarily jump into top spot in the EPL yesterday, but cross-town rivals Manchester United drew Birmingham in a tough game 1-1 thanks to a last minute controversial goal by Birmingham that tied it to leave it as a Manchester split of first place, albeit with United having two games in hand.  Tottenham were impressive 2-0 winners at Newcastle. Up today, Chelsea has a tricky one in visiting Bolton (Setanta, 2:45pm), Arsenal is at Wigan, and Liverpool hosts Wolverhampton. The latter two are on Setanta, albeit on tape delay.  Does "tape delay" still apply?

Brock Lesnar allegedly has an offer from the WWE to do a WrestleMania match.  Perhaps the Undertaker thing in October was a precursor to that? Can't imagine Dana White and the UFC go for that, not when White said he won't allow it on a recent appearance on the George Strombolopolous Show.  Besides, my bet is he's got an end of April date in Toronto in front of a huge UFC crowd at the Rogers Centre. Yes, I just said "huge crowd" and "Rogers Centre" in the same sentence.

Hey, don't look now, but the Toronto Blue Jays added a piece this off-season. Octavio Dotel is in, ostensibly as their new closer. Now they just need some (serious) bullpen help and a first baseman.

Not sure what it is, but the Toronto Raptors seem to run into good fortune occasionally when visiting the Dallas Mavericks. Sure the Mavs may have been missing Dirk Nowitzki, but the Raps still got it done without Andrea Bargnani and others with a 84-76 win.  Yes, the Raps kept somebody out of triple digits.  Caleron was out people, recognize.

The circus that is Toronto FC never ends. Captain - and the term is used loosely in his case - Dwayne MeRosario DeRosario has gone off to Scotland to work out with Glasgow Celtic without the team's knowledge and now, by all indications, against their wishes. If this is some power play to get a raise from TFC, here's hoping it fails.  I suspect MeRo's days with TFC are done whatever the case.  MLS and TFC are now arranging the proper trial paperwork with Celtic.  Also, Gerry Dobson at SportsNet weighs in.

How happy were the New Orleans Saints to clinch a playoff birth on Monday night in Atlanta?  Happy enough they returned to the field post-game to take a team picture on the Falcon at mid-field.  Speaking of clinching, here is who needs what to wrap up a birth in Week 17.

There might be only three backs - Michael Turner, Steven Jackson and Rashard Mendenhall - who average 20 carries a game this year.

Carolina has the top pick in the NFL draft, assuming that's still a go next year, and will almost certainly be taking quarterback Andrew Luck, assuming he comes out.

I've got three words for Hugh Hefner, who just got engaged to 24-year old girlfriend Crystal Harris: Anna.  Nicole.  Smith.

The Kansas City Chiefs won 10 games - total - the three years prior to this season, in which they're at 10 already and a division winner.

And for the third year running, if you use "frozen tundra", you are not smart. That's like saying "frozen ice".  Redundant. I prayed that would fade when John Madden rode home on his bus with his eye shadow, but still happens.

NHL referee Paul Devorski allegedly mocked fans in Columbus who were upset about a call he made with the old "rub my eyes like I'm crying bit" and then dropped a middle finger on them.  Classy.

With warm weather slated for Pittsburgh on Saturday, the NHLWinter Classic is lining up its various backup plans for the , which sounds like it might not be so wintery in any case.

Here's a ridiculous idea to speed up sports: eliminate timeouts. All of them.  Would love to see a basketball game or football game played without them.

There is penalty killing, and then there is this gem you may have heard about from Tyler Carroll of the Guelph Storm killing a 5-on-3 at the Kitchener Rangers last week.  As impressive as it gets.

I don't know who this team is, but they sure are terrible.


gbvh said...

Timeouts in sport are a joke.
To be able to stop a game so you can try to X and O the particular situation that happens to be in front of you this time ... crock of shit.

You practice every day. Deal with it.

hi said...

Is that Caroll dude crying? I would.

Regarding DeRosario, I can agree that it was a bitch move, but I still don't understand why TFC isn't making any effort to compromise him. There is no reason why dudes like De Guzman and Mista get paid 2,3,4 times than he does. He is among the greatest MLS players of all time, and for the most part, has performed (at least up to the level of his salary) for TFC since joining the club two years ago. It should not be in TFC's interest to let him go, especially if there is a risk of losing him for nothing in return.

Rangers has had a more recent success in comparison to Celtic, but as you probably would know, aside from those two, rest of Scotland is pretty much meh. I think their current position in the UEFA coefficient is suiting. I believe they get 2 spots somewhere in the qualifying rounds.