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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Monday Nighter last night in Atlanta where despite giving the home Falcons repeated chances to put the game away in the fourth, the New Orleans Saints emerged victorious 17-14.  The Saints are getting healthy at just the right time and while they seem to lack the mojo they worked last year, are going to be a serious threat come January and the playoffs.

How long til somebody in the Canadian media says snow in Northeastern U.S. is just Canada invading with World Jr's in upstate New YorkCanada takes on the Czech Republic at 4pm today on TSN.

A year ago at this time, the New Jersey Devils sat top of the NHL. Today, they sit 30th.

In the New York Jets last 4 games, 3 that ended in losses, they trailed 17-0 to New England after the first quarter, 10-0 to Miami after the first quarter,  and 10-0 to Chicago after the first quarter. Generally not the way you want to start games.

After five straight losses to Chelsea, Arsenal turned the tables with a 3-1 win at home that really puts a dent in Chelsea's title hopes. Still strikes me as odd tuning in to the Monday EPL broadcast and seeing ESPN logos plastered on the microphones of the commentators, among other places. Not sure if it is ESPN gone global as much as it is the EPL becoming a big property on The Worldwide Leader.  Another round of games starts today during the busy holiday time in the EPL, including Manchester United at Birmingham at 3pm on TSN2.  I suspect Newcastle at Tottenham at 10am will see more than couple goals there.

What does it say of the Toronto Raptors that they use their mascot - entertaining though he may be - and a member of their Dance Pak flanking DeMar Derozan to push tickets?

In Sunday's Toronto Sun, Steve Simmons took the Blue Jays to task for a very underwhelming, step back off-season. On Monday, he tweeted out that he's had problems with his Rogers Yahoo! email.  Coincidence?

The storm that has pounded the northeastern U.S. has made for some interesting scenarios, but few as comedic as the New York Giants being (still) stuck in Green Bay after the whipping they took Sunday. Am sure Tom Coughlin's made it a real relaxing time for them.

For reasons I'm not sure anyone can fathom, the San Diego Chargers say they're sticking with their G.M. A.J. Smith and coach Norvelle Turner.

Not sure what I wanted more, the almost annual Kitchener fire to hit Fairview Park Mall on Sunday when Justin Bieber visited, or an IED to take out Don Cherry during his visit to Afghanistan. Thinking the latter as The Bieb's days are numbered as is.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats may move to Burlington?  Is there anyone in favor of that, especially the good people of Burlington?

Tough week ahead for the Philadelphia Eagles as they battle for the second seed in the NFC.  They've got Minnesota at home, and then an extra-rested Dallas team on Sunday just five days later.  On second thought, maybe not that tough.  The Eagles are 14 point favs tonight and while I don't normally like taking chalk at that large a number, tough to bet on the Vikes.  Eagles it is.

The New England Patriots haven't lost a fumble or thrown an interception in the last six games, the longest such streak in NFL history, with the record interception streak running since October 23rd against Baltimore for Tom Brady, 319 pass attempts.  That's the stuff of champions.

Check out this Arizona Cardinals cheerleader in a panic. 

Loved Kobe Bryant telling LeBron James on Saturday that "I'm a f&%#ing champ"...

Detroit Lions centre Dominic Raiola tells Miami Dolphins fans to suck a part of his anatomy.


hi said...

Merry belated Christmas, Mango.

Looks like de Rosario was on a trial with Celtic. Knowing how terrible Celtic has been, they would probably have a spot for him.

MLS would seriously benefit from having two different salary caps: one for domestic (American/Canadian) players and another for foreign players. Not only is the current one confusing, but my suggestion would allow them to stop coming up with new salary cap rules each time Beckham's and Ljunberg's are rumoured to sign with one of the league's clubs or each time there is a threat of Donovan leaving for Europe. It's embarrassing how they make new rules as they see fit.

TB said...

Merry belated, as well.

I couldn't agree more that the MLS system is jacked up, I don't even try to make sense of what allocation is, what counts to the cap and what doesn't. Simple is always best as far as I'm concerned where you're a growing league: let fans understand it, not need an actuarial background to grasp. I know if I spent a few minutes to look into it, I'd probably get it, but what's the point when it changes and is so nuanced?

As for DeRo, that's a dick move in my book. Worse than his check signing thing. He may have space in the Celtic side, but he'd get slaughtered in the SPL, where playing with an edge is all but required. And let's face it, lighting it up in the SPL isn't exactly much better than doing so in the MLS. That's a weak league that has no business getting the Champions League slots it does.