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Monday, December 27, 2010


Back after a few down days celebrating Christmas, and celebrating it hard more often than not. Hope the holidays have treated you well. The plan is to be here daily through the week.

The NFL made an early decision to cancel the Sunday Night game in Philadelphia with a massive snow storm on the boil, marking the third straight week Minnesota has been bounced around. That game will go on Tuesday now. Meanwhile, despite the New York Islanders requesting their game last night against Montreal be postponed, the NHL declined. Wouldn't want to piss off the 2,000 or so loyal Islanders followers.  And better still, the New Jersey Devils announced at the end of the first period - around 8pm - to the 5,329 in attendance that buses leaving their arena would stop running after 8:30pm because of the storm. Way to go, NHL. Those there are Winter Classics!

The hockey tourney only Canada cares about opened, and Canada started well, with a 6-3 win over Russia. Up tomorrow at 4pm is the Czech Republic. Warning to those dialing in on TSN: bring a mop to keep near your TV. After all, Pierre Macguire is gushing all kinds of man juices on colour commentary.

In the last 68 minutes, the New York Giants have allowed 73 points, including yesterday's 45-17 loss at Green Bay.  Yeah, that's all on the punter, Tom Coughlin. Enjoy unemployment.  Speaking of, the San Francisco 49ers parted ways with coach Mike Singletary after an embarrassing season on the field, and on the sidelines.  He got into a ridiculous shouting match with QB Troy Smith yesterday.
The Seattle Seahawks have been outscored 114-58 their last three weeks but somehow, still have a shot to make the playoffs in this wild NFL season.

Manchester United strengthened their grip on first place in the English Premier League with a far-easier-than-the-2-0-scoreline suggests win over Sunderland, leaving them with 37 points. Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney were fantastic, with the former scoring both.  Manchester City move into second place after yesterday's 3-1 win at Newcastle, giving them 35 points, although they've played two more games than the rest of the top four.  Up today is a killer matchup that sees third-place Arsenal host fourth-place cross-town rival Chelsea. 3pm kick-off on TSN2.

What is better than former MLBer Lenny Dykstra, well known to have some money troubles, bouncing a cheque on an escort?  And since when do the pros accept cheques?

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens didn't use the word "playoffs" all season—they substituted "Festivus." The Super Bowl was referred to as "Festivus Maximus."  Weird.

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