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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Executed"? Really?

Managed to tune in to the dying minutes and post-game of Canada's 10-1 beatdown of Norway yesterday at the World Junior Hockey Championship's in Buffalo.  Not sure what was more embarrassing, seeing the Canadian fans celebrating the 10th goal like it was a gold medal winner, or seeing the losers wearing their hats for the national anthem post-game after you could clearly hear it announced in the building that one should "please remove (your) hat" for the playing thereof.  There's no excuse for wearing a hat during the playing of any anthem, ever.  Would love to see that caricature Don Cherry take that subject on, no way he'd talk down to his minions like that.

Brett Favre was fined $50,000 for not cooperating with the NFL's investigation into the sext messages he sent Jenn Sterger. Let that be a lesson to you, NFLers: don't cooperate. Far cheaper, and no suspension.

That nut Tucker Carlson says that "Mike Vick should have been executed" for his dog fighting crimes. No, seriously.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports looks at steroids, responsibility and why the Hall of Fame vote gets more agonizing every year: 

Further to yesterday's Brock Lesnar bit, word is he is looking for a way out of the MMA game after completing his last fight for UFC.  Having your ass handed to you can have that effect. He's got a $2 million offer from WWE to work a match at WrestleMania. Speaking of packing it in, Chuck Lidell took some time to tell us what we already knew yesterday: he's done as a fighter.

13 NHL teams received revenue sharing last season.  Would you believe that all 13 are in the United States?  Strange, isn't it?

Rudi at Canadian Soccer News looks at the Toronto FC and Dwayne De Rosario situation and concludes it is time for MeRo to go.

The hottest 30 calendars of 2011.  And if that wasn't enough, here's the Nuts 2011 calendar.  NSFW, people.

All the best jukes, step-overs, goals and moves from the 2010 World Cup all in one convenient mix-tape. You're welcome.  No better way to spend nearly 9 minutes today.

Total Skills FIFA World Cup 2010 Edition By Fuentes from fuentesquatre on Vimeo.


bukkake said...

Wow, a media article that shows Favre for the douche he is and calls it straight...

bukkake said...

On the hat during the National Anthem subject...

I was at the Oilers - Sabres game on Tuesday night. This subject is a huge one for me, a huge pet peeve for me. I would have to say at that game 1 in 5 people wearing something on their heads (and I say "people" because this includes the fucking broads with their cute little Oilers toques) do not remove for the National anthem.

Fucking disgraceful. My wife commented that she thinks alot of it is dudes losing there hair that never take their hats off (we all know that dude, we call it the "Kim Mitchel"l in the 780) and skanks who are embarrassed that their "hair will be messy".

I think alot of it is just dumb fucking ham and egger's with no clue and no respect. If you refuse to take your hat off, stay the fuck home.

TB said...

Last year at a TFC game, some fuckhead a few rows down was wearing his Burberry hat for the U.S. anthem and I told him to take it off. He declined. He then proceeds to take it off for the Canadian anthem - even more a dick move in my book - and I proceeded to hammer him for the duration of the game, embarrassing him ridiculously in front of his mortified date/girlfriend/whore. He left early and as I still rode him like a mule, could only muster a back-turned middle finger my way to a chorus of f-bombs from me. Political tough guy...won't take it off for the U.S. anthem but will for Canada. But pussy takes my barbs all day.

Hate cunts like that. Hate. Literally.

bukkake said...

Yeah bro, I've seen that "statement" myself before. Fucking mopes.

To take this rant a step further, I was in Norman, Oklahoma this fall for a Sooners football game. I dare say that if you tried wearing your hat through the National anthem there someone would take your hat off for you, with your head still in it.

It got us boys talking during the postgame "meeting" over a table of vodka about the differences between home and there as far as patriotism and what is tolerated here. James McRobie was with us, an Edmontonian now living in Houston. He brought out a great rant about how he hates it when he is back home in ETown and passes those vans that set up in sketchy parts of town selling Hanna Montana, Tupac Shakur, and Oakland Raiders blankets and flags. His point was the Canadian flags they sell with the green marijuana leaf in place of the red maple leaf. He commented that in the US if you tried setting up shop at a busy intersection selling a US flag with a marijuana leaf plastered across it, it would probably take less than 2 minutes before someone put a bullet through your skull.

Why we are so tolerant of this shit here is beyond me.

Kristian A said...

Norway even got at team in the Juniors? Well, nothing more important than learning to lose (getting absolutely murdered) gracefully early in your career...