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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jets blown up in New England

If there's one thing that might knock Rex Ryan and the New York Jets down a pile of pegs, it had to be the curb stomping they took at the hands of the New England Patriots last night. The Pats went out early and never looked threatened in a 45-3 blowout that was every bit as one-sided as that score suggests. Rex Ryan admits the Jets got their "butts kicked". LaDanian Thomlinson, who has made a career out of losing and terrible performances at Gillette Stadium, should have known better than to celebrate and early first down like this.

Far better was this first half hilight, the sight of Donald Trump's hair blowing in the wind despite being in a private box at Gillette Stadium. Words don't do this justice.

In the days leading up to last night's game in New England, I heard New York Jets Darrell Revis and Nick Mangold complain on The Michael Kay Show that they don't like night games as there's too much down time during the day. Guess they didn't hear the Super Bowl kicks off at 6:20pm?  Another thing the Jets don't like: a lot of time between games.  Coming off a bye earlier this year, the Jets were shut out at home 9-0 by the Green Bay Packers, and then got smoked 45-3 last night after 10 days off.  Mix in the night game bit and the 2-week break between the conference championship and Super Bowl and you can bet I'll be on whomever would face the Jets if they made the Super Bowl.

The Denver Broncos have cut ties with head coach Josh McDaniels.  What, ditching your franchise QB in Jay Cutler and franchise WR Brandon Marshall and then losing roughly three games for every one you're winning amid videotaping one teams practice and still losing that one is grounds for dismissal?  Tough league.

What's more ridiculous: the Phoenix Coyotes, who made the NHL playoffs last year, (a) averaging 10,400 fans a game, or that (b) they're losing $20 million a month while under ownership of the rest of the league's teams? The answer? "C" - that Commissioner Gary Bettman and the rest of the league think the situation is merely a new owner from being turned around.

Talk among NHL governors is that the Atlanta Thrashers are Quebec City bound. Didn't we mention that here back in FebruaryDamien Cox at The Toronto Star says there are at least seven teams for sale.

Managed to hear New York Yankee great Reggie Jackson on The Michael Kay Show podcast.  Mr. October confirmed the rumor is true that he had purchased the giant "Yankee Stadium" lettering from atop the old stadium and has it in his back yard.  Says Reggie: "I've got a big yard, and this way even when I'm 75, I can still hit homers at Yankee Stadium."  Love it.

The Philadelphia Eagles played four games in 17 days, and went 3-1 in the process.  Pretty not bad.  They've got a date in Dallas this Sunday night.

Another round of Champions League play goes over the next two days, with four spots in the final 16 up for grabs.

Qatar is twice the size of Prince Edward Island and the stadiums will be in a 30km radius. Just seems like a worse idea all the time.

Best thing I've heard about NCAA football bowl season: it is one championship game surrounded by a series of exhibitions.

If you can afford a car, you can afford a snow brush.  Don't be one of those losers driving around with half their windows blocked off.

The SportsPickle dropped this great tweet on the disaster known as the Washington Redskins: "The RedZone channel should be renamed the Redskins channel in honor of Washington's defense."

The Washington Nationals are said to be ready to make an over-the-top offer for Cliff Lee.  Well, no sense stopping at one this week.

Slight over-rotation here on a German game show.

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hi said...

Another thing that pisses me off during the winter is the pile of snow on top of suvs and trucks.

I ran straight into a car in an opposite lane last year after getting run over by a chunk of snow from the car in front of me. My insurance practically doubled and I have stopped driving since the summer.