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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crawford to Boston

The Indianapolis Colts have a ridiculously long injury list on a short week where they'll travel to Tennessee to face the circling-the-toilet-bowl Titans.  Of course, few are suggesting that maybe the Colts lack of depth this year is a product of Peyton Manning taking up a massive chunk of their salary structure.  Nice to see some Titans refer to pulling a "VY"  What a mess that team is.  So, with a spread of Indy  -3, your Prime Time Pick is the Colts.  How can you not play against a team that appears totally uninterested in competing, to the point they've rendered Chris Johnson useless?

Things went wild in the hot stove league for baseball last night.  Carl Crawford has agreed to a 7-year, $142 million deal with Boston, which puts them in the drivers seat in the AL East, if not all of baseball.  Kinda crazy to imagine that guy in that tight left field, like putting a governor on a Porsche. Pretty safe to say after dropping $142 million there, and talk of a similar extension for Adrian Gonzalez to be announced at the start of the season, that the Sox and their fans can cool the talk of the "evil empire", especially with strong suggestions that it was Boston who offered Cliff Lee a seven-year deal.  Speaking of, you figure those moves might have had something to do with the talk of the Cliff Lee offer moving to seven years from the New York Yankees?  The Florida Marlins are chasing Zach Greinke hard too, do the Toronto Blue Jays respond?  A wild week, no doubt, and it is still on with word that JJ Hardy is about to be dealt to BaltimoreKen Rosenthal looks at what the Crawford deal means to the Yankees, Texas Rangers and LA Angels.

The final 16 for the Champions League are set, and when the draw goes down next Friday, the group winners will be seeded and drawn to face someone that was a group runner-up.  Let your imagination run wild with these possibilities.  Group winners include: Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Schalke, Bayern Munich, Shakhtar Donetsk and runners-up are Inter Milan, AC Milan, Roma, Arsenal, Lyon, Marseille, Valencia, FC Copenhagen. Three runners up, Italy?  What happened?  Teams cannot be drawn against teams from the same country, or teams they faced in the group stage.

In case you missed Darren Pang on TSN telling PK Subban he needs to do things the "white" way, be sure to see the special entry yesterday afternoon below this post.

Think Barcelona is any good?  All three players on FIFA's Ballon d'Or shortlist - awarded to the player of the year - are Barcelona players.  One of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi will take the prize.

The Los Angeles Chargers It could happen as soon as 2012, says this bit.

Not a great week for those in the sporting world to be seen as people of much intelligence.  First, there was Don Cherry spouting off like the idiot he is about "pinkos" in Toronto when he introduced new mayor Rob Ford.  Nice work invoking a communist connotation, Grapes, real clever. And now, Baltimore Oriole Luke Scott showed that he's no threat to MENSA membership with a rambling rant about how he doesn't think U.S. President Barrack Obama is from the U.S., despite the small matter of that being a requirement to be President and his birth certificate saying so.

The English Premier League's top three sides - Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea - will all be facing each other before December is out.  That won't necessarily decide the champion, but two losses for any of the above might decide who isn't winning the title.  Arsenal's Arsene Wenger looks at the important weeks ahead. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech says his squad will have to improve greatly and find consistency game to game if they're to be a factor.

Yes, I did say that seven years was too many for Cliff Lee and makes me nervous, but that Boston lineup makes me more nervous.  Seven it is!

French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane made $15 million when Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup. He was lobbying on their behalf.  Pretty good deal, especially when lobbying likely means squad with fat envelopes of cash being thrown around.

I'm hearing Jose Caleron put on a hell of a defensive showing last night, and not in the way one wants if they're a Toronto Raptor fan.  This should surprise exactly nobody.

10 t-shirts that you should never leave the house with.  Can't say I agree, generally.

Have a great day.

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B. Kennedy said...

Yeah, Hose was jorrible, as per usual. Bayless had a tough night, too, unfortunately. You'd have to think that both Bargnani and Calderon are raising eyebrows in the front office of the Raptors as losses continue to mount.