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Saturday, December 11, 2010


The UFC is back in Montreal, and there will be 23,000+ in attendance tonight at Bell Centre, a record gate and crowd size for Montreal. Native son Georges St. Pierre takes on Josh Koscheck in the main event. You may recall Kos bad mouthing the Montreal Canadiens in his last visit to Montreal, so he can expect a harsher reaction than even LeBron James saw last week in Cleveland. Shame for the Montreal fans it won't last, as GSP is absolutely going to demolish Kos. Rest of the card here.

The best games of the English Premier League schedule this weekend will not be going today, but tomorrow and the day after.  Chelsea faces Tottenham in a London battle, and on Monday, Manchester United host Arsenal in a battle for top spot in the league.  United will be glad to welcome back a trio of starters, while Chelsea captain John Terry questions the desire of his team.

We've been giving the New York Knicks a lot of love here of late, but it would only be right to mention that the winners of 11 of 12 now get 10 of their next 14 games against opponents playing .636 ball or better, with 3 of the 4 others on road.

Barcelona, who only in the last couple years caved to the sponsor on the front of their jersey, and even then had Unicef on for no proceeds to them, just inked a sponsorship deal with - no way! -  the Qatar Foundation that will net them a cool $170 million Euros.  Glad to say I've got one of the non-sponsored Barca jersey's, certainly relative to the new sponsor.

Hank Steinbrenner says it would "behoove" Cliff Lee to join the Yankees.  Never did like that word, but sure comes off forceful here.  Jon Heyman at compares the race for Lee between the Texas Rangers, who Heyman says have proximity to Lee's Arkansas home while the Yankees have, well, everything else.

With the NCAA on hiatus until bowl season gets in full swing, the NFL used to fill our need for a Saturday football fix, but for some reason, no dice this year, at least not until Week 16 and Christmas Day.

FIFA godfather President Sepp Blatter says the World Cup in 2014 may be pushed back into starting July versus the usual June to give players a little extra time to rest and recuperate after their long domestic seasons.  Good idea, methinks.  Of course, with the tournament in Brazil, a cynic might say "great, just what the competition needs…Brazil at full strength".

Word is Jenn Sterger is threatening to unleash a pile of evidence against Brett Favre if the league doesn't suspend him.  For once, I'm in Favre's corner.  The last thing I want to see is somebody take my favorite tackling dummy away in the dying moments of his career.

Seven hot ladies married to mediocre NHLers.

Abbot and Costello are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pete Rose is not.

GBVH tells me he did a $2 parlay with Pinnacle, where you can open an account here. He picked five NHL faves on the -1.5 goals line.  Payout?  $540.  The same payout on ProLine?  Payout is $92.  Don't waste your money there folks.

Ana Ivanovic and the top 30 Googled female athletes.

Check out this old-school bench brawl from an English hockey league.  I'll refrain from the too-easy "teeth" jokes.  Love the "he should get beaten' to hell for that" call.

UFC President Dana White took time to talk about The Undertaker's beef with Brock Lesnar on the George S. show...

Earlier in the week, we had a German overrotating while jumping a car.  Here, we've got an Asian MMAer UNDERrotating while trying a backflip.  Very nice.

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Serena No. 1 and Allison Stokke not even on there? I call bullshit!