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Friday, December 10, 2010

BoSox going wild

The Indianapolis Colts simplified things some last night to get Peyton Manning in a rhythm, and then mixed in some bombs.  Still, they had to hold on to down the Tennessee Titans 30-28, a cheap cover for the Titans.  Randy Moss update: five games with the Titans, 5 catches, 62 yards, $1.88 million.  They might want a refund.

Richard Griffin writes that the life of the Toronto Blue Jays is a tough one after the Boston Red Sox re-loaded this week with Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. What, did he think that the Sox were suddenly poor when their owner John Henry easily dropped a billion or so on Liverpool in England's Premier League?  He also talked to Jays GM Alex Anthopolous who thinks the Jays can fill the stadium again. Curious what makes AA think so, when he leans on a couple games last year as his evidence. Anthopolous also says the Jays are looking to have at least five #3 quality starting pitchers. Am sure he'll love hearing Buster Olney told the Baseball Today podcast that several baseball execs now project Kyle Drabek, the prize piece in the Jays deal that sent Roy Halladay to Philadelphia as a middle of the rotation guy now.  And a loud chorus of this emanates from Blue Jay hamlet:

The New York Knicks have won 11 of 12. Shocking.

Count Joe Torre, Cito Gaston, Mike Scioscia and Lou Pinella among those in favor of additional wild card teams in baseball playoffs.  They're part of Commissioner Bud Selig's advisory panel for on field matters and met this week among the chaos at the winter meetings.  There's a chance that an additional wild card round - best of three - is in play for 2012, as well as another much needed change: moving to a best of seven in the divisional round.

Very classy to read that Ottawa Senator Matt Carkner by all appearances appeared to flick blood at the New York Rangers bench last night after skating by after a fight with Derek Boogaard.  All "part of the game", right hockey?

Last year's Champions League and Italian league winner Inter Milan have struggled plenty under new manager Rafa Benitez, and there are already calls for his dismissal.  

When does an amateur wrestling match move from competition and into the area of sexual assault?  When you execute the "butt drag", that's when.

LeBron James is getting far, far too sensitive.  He actually goes and hammers Trent Dilfer for saying what everyone can see: that Peyton Manning is struggling, and says that Dilfer could never do what Manning did and does on the field.  I am praying, praying that Dilfer fires back and says that LeBron would do well to not criticize guys who have actually won championships, like Dilfer has.

The Boston Red Sox are not done.  Word is they're about to sign Blue Jays free agent reliever Scott Downs in a move that won't get the Jays a draft pick, as the Sox have already lost theirs in the Carl Crawford signing.  Maybe should've moved him last summer after all, Mr. Anthopolous?  The Sox, along with the Yankees and Jays, also are said to have an offer out to catcher Russell Martin.

As for Cliff Lee, the big name on the board to begin with and that remains, both the Yankees and the Texas Rangers are said to have offered him a buffet of contract options, with the Yankees listed here.

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