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Monday, October 25, 2010

It was not my pecker

How anybody can figure they know what will happen on any NFL Sunday is beyond me. Hands up if you had the Oakland Raiders scoring 59 in Denver, or the Cleveland Browns winning 30-17 in New Orleans, or Tennessee - with Kerry "Tom" Collins starting at QB - humiliating Philly 37-19?  Liars.

Tough day for Brett Favre.  First up, reports are that he admits the voicemails to Jenn Sterger were in fact his, though he disowned the pecker shots.  Then he went out and got beat up in Green Bay as his Vikings dropped to 2-4.  And compounding all that, his coach Brad Childress largely threw him under the bus and admitted he thought (and is thinking?) of pulling him.

I wasn't in the school that thought there was nobody that could beat Brock Lesnar, but I didn't figure he could be beat as savagely as Cain Velasquez did with a first round TKO to win the UFC Heavyweight title. That cut under Lesnar's eye was nasty. He'll be back, but that was a shocker. Great card overall, with Diego Sanchez win over Thiago Alves the fight of the night for my eyes.  Rest of the results here.

Phil Simms on New England Patriot Danny Woodhead: "You realize what a good athlete is when you talk to him."

26 different teams have played in the last 30 World Series.  There is no league that can even approach that level.

Cleveland is used to this: In each of the past three years, the Browns have beaten the defending Super Bowl champion, including yesterday's shock fisting - see what I did there? - in New Orleans by a 30-17 score.

The Toronto Argos clinched a playoff spot this weekend, not that that is a big chore when 6 of 8 teams, or 75% if you're not a mathlete, make it. Not bad for an 8-8 team. Clearly, the CFL stands for "Charitable Football League".  At least Toronto gets a team in some playoffs now.

Whenever Hawk or Matthews make a play, it's time to cue up their video:

The San Francisco Giants went and knocked out the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday and the ever-classy Philly fans booed the Giants off the field. Brian Wilson closed it out, and as great a closer he is, he's even a more entertaining guy. Check out his act here on Jim Rome is Burning a few weeks back. The World Series starts ???, I've got Texas in six.

Check out this interview with the WWE's Undertaker after Brock Lesnar's loss at UFC 121.  Pretty safe to say that he and Lesnar aren't exactly tight.


Anonymous said...

"There is no league that can even approach that level."


NHL = 24 in 30
NFL = 22 in 30
NBA = 18 in 30

TB said...

I had read something less close, but still...kinda kicks the "salary caps = parity" myth in the nuts, don't it?

B. Kennedy said...

I don't see how Lesnar and the Undertaker aren't close: after all, the Undertaker just asked him if he wanted to do it. I'm a little old-school about these things, but mostly people only do it when they're fairly close...

hi said...

Brian Wilson is cool, but I'm wondering why anyone would agree to be interviewed by Jim Rome. I have yet to hear a word that came out of his mouth that didn't sound douch-y.