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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hope somebody has alerted the Texas Rangers that it is time to show up and start playing some ball, especially now that they're at home for Game 3.  Not sure anybody figured the Rangers would give up 20 runs in the first two games, most of that coming from a seriously inept bullpen.

I know I had a few beverages last night, but did I hear the Toronto Raptors not only won, but that they did it in convincing fashion and played a little defence?  Oh, it was merely the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Hear from a recent Vegas visitor the Raps are tied - with the Minnesota T-Wolves - for the biggest longshot to win the NBA title at 34,000 - 1.  Wouldn't put a penny on it.  Reggie Evans has 30 rebounds in two games.

The big game on the English Premier League calendar today is a 12:30pm (Eastern) showdown between Tottenham and Manchester United, with Man U hosting.  These two typically play some wide open games so should be interesting.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's in favor of European expansion for his league.  Maybe it is the travel or the trouble some players would have getting into the EU with their records off the field, but just can't see it working.  That said, a team in Amsterdam, for example, would make for some awesome happenings

Cliff Lee - or at least his agent - insists talk that Yankee fans harassed and possibly spit on his wife during the ALCS does not at all affect their standing this off-season as he nears free agency.  Something tells me his agent would say that if the guys in Section 123 went Ben Roethlesberger on her.

If Toronto FC were looking to make some splash and score some credibility, they sure accomplished that in hiring German soccer legend Jurgen KlinsmannStephen Brunt at the Globe points out that if Bryan Colangelo and Brian Burke were credibility hirings with experience for their slices of the MLSE empire, Klinsmann is on another planet  as a world class player, decorated champion and certified top flight coach.  He'll have the authority to do as he sees fit with the team.  Damn impressive move.

Scouts speculate the Yankees might try to trade Nick Swisher this off-season.  They not only weren't impressed with his smack-talking Cliff Lee, but he's also hitting .162 in 33 playoff games.

Interesting piece from Roy MacGregor at The Globe And Mail on the "baseball-ization" of hockey stats and descending into the irrelevant.

50 crunching NFL hits, mashed up.

25 perverted Hallowe'en costumes.  Not for the sensitive, that's for sure.

Have a great day.

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