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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best SNL parody ad ever

Well how else could the Dallas Cowboys season go but to see Tony Romo get pounded into the ground and break his collarbone?  The Cowboys were 41-35 losers to the New York Giants in a wild Monday Nighter.  1-5 on the year, the death march starts now for the next 10 weeks.  The biggest fear of this Cowboys fan?  That Jerry Jones might view Romo's abscence as a reason to give Wade Phillips another year.

Speaking of broken bones.  Brett Favre is in a cast with a stress fracture in his ankle.  Looking like that consecutive starts streak - impressive, no doubt - is about to come to an end.

Allen Iverson has signed a 2-year deal to play in Turkey. If you're wondering how to say it, "Biz pratik hakkında konuşuyor" translates to "we're talking about practice" in Turkish. Strangely, Hedo Turkoglu hasn't heard the word in either language.

One approach I'm guessing the NFL won't use to market the London, England game featuring San Francisco and Denver on Sunday: "Come see a 1-6 bust face a team that gave up 59 in 3 quarters to the God-forsaken Oakland Raiders!"

Work trip on the go.  Gotta keep it brief the next few days, unfortunately.  One last thing:

An awesome ad from Saturday Night Live featuring Brett Favre.

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