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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fork? Meet Yankees.

Texas?  Knocked off the team with the best record and then the defending champions. Just better. Period.  Have to say, while I think the San Francisco Giants book their World Series trip tonight, it would be awesome to see Cliff Lee face Philly, just to see if he can go from pitching for them, to pitching against them.  

After the NFL "hits" video was screened, Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe - yes, they do have more guys than Brett Favre - tweeted out this whiteboard bit from their locker room. Awesome. That's the best whiteboard smack since Shea Hillenbrand famously wrote "the ship is sinking" in the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse.

For the Jays fans not happy about the "no experience" crack yesterday on alleged new hire John Farrell, I only say this: Carlos Tosca, John Gibbons, Tim Johnson, and Buck Martinez.  Is that all of them? I'm not saying he can't get it done because of inexperience, but the Jays will have a tough time selling that given their lack of success in the last decade - approaching two - with inexperienced skippers.

Have you seen Barry Bonds the last bit?  Curious to hear what kind of "diet" he's on that caused that kind of weight loss.

A fantastic UFC 121 card goes tonight with Brock Lesnar defending his heavyweight title against undefeated Cain Velasquez in L.A.  Undercard is fantastic too.  Should be well worth the internet feed purchase.  Preview and some picks here from The Big Lead.

While reading this blog entry, Joe Girardi intentionally had someone walked.  They subsequently scored.

Have a great Saturday.  Back tomorrow with another Prime Time Pick winner.

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