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Monday, October 18, 2010

We're back!

Expect a ridiculous amount of coverage on the hits delivered yesterday and the concussions that resulted, including a "severe" one for DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Also expect plenty of arms in the air about the safety of an 18-game schedule.  Was listening to ESPN Radio's coverage of the games yesterday and three concussions happened in a span of 8-10 minutes.  Pretty crazy.  Says former headhunter Rodney Harrison, now a commentator: "You didn't get my attention when you fined me five grand, 10 grand, 15 grand.  You got my attention when I got have to suspend these guys. These guys are making millions of dollars. The NFL [has to say], 'We're going to really protect our players. We're going to suspend these guys, not one game, but possibly two or more games."

It was a tight Game 2 in the NLCS last night until the 8th, when the Philadelphia Phillies bought themselves some breathing room and jumped back into level territory with a 6-1 win over San Francisco.  That series now goes to San Francisco for three games starting tomorrow.

Admittedly, I'm become pretty used to the New York Yankees season going into October, but I don't recall too many seasons where they're still playing and the Dallas Cowboys are dead and buried for all intents and purposes.  Nice job, Wade Phillips.  Dust off that resume.  Take Jason Garrett with you, while you're at it.  That said, Jerry Jones says he won't even consider it.  One thing for certain: Dez Bryant is part man, part beast.  Not sure there are many stronger wideouts than that guy in the entire league.

Think there's much pressure on Andy Pettitte tonight?  Game 3, at home, with Cliff Lee on the bump for Texas.  Oh, and if you lose and are done early, the prospect of AJ Burnett in Game 4 and a blown out pen has to be real tantalizing.  Go get 'em, 46.

Congratulations, Toronto FC and MLSE.  Your handling of the franchise and poor treatment of your fans has even made the New York Times with this bang on piece sent to me by GBVH.

So it seems that a bad ankle isn't why Wayne Rooney has been lacking playing time with Manchester United.  Rooney says that he's fine and hasn't missed one practice which of course, now has brought the news out that he's fallen out with Sir Alex Ferguson, who is the Rocky Marciano of fights with his players - undefeated, untied - and Rooney is said to be on his way out of town in January, with leading candidates said to be Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Memo to Jerry Jones: get Sir Alex Ferguson as your coach.  If nothing else, your squad will know how to play disciplined.

The Philadelphia Phillies fans are still representing hard.  Check out this one yacking on Saturday night in the front row.

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