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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Signs of life in The Bronx

San Francisco Giant Buster Posey may look like a kid, but he's playing like a seasoned vet in his rookie year.  A mere 4-for-4 night led the way for the Giants in a 6-5 win where they scored the winner in the last inning for the guy who has to be the 2010 NL Rookie of the Year (apologies to Jayson Heyward).  The Giants now hold a 3-1 lead over the Phillies with Game 5 slated for tonight.  Pretty decent pitching match-up in Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum, no?  That one goes at 7:57pm (Eastern).  I might be in the minority, but baseball's playoffs rule, save for the commercials that stretch games way beyond what need happen.

The New York Yankees finally showed some signs of life last night and rode the back of a gritty CC Sabathia start in a must-win game to a 7-2 win.  The ghosts of Yankee Stadium showing up and pushing the Texas Rangers into a mistake filled second inning didn't hurt the cause, nor did homers from Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano.  Game 6 goes in Texas tomorrow night.

Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison is said to be contemplating retirement because he's so livid over the NFL's $75,000 fine on him for his nasty hit on Mohammod Massaquoi of the Cleveland Browns Sunday.  Of course, Harrison didn't help his cause by admitting Monday he was out to hurt guys.  Retirement?  Really?  Me thinks Harrison is a bit of a drama queen.  Who would retire with your team just about the favorite to win the Super Bowl right now?

Champions League group play saw eight games take place yesterday. Inter Milan raced out to a 4-0 lead after an early red card on Tottenham's 'keeper Gomes, but Spurs made it real interesting and it ended 4-3.  The group stage is now half complete and only Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Lyon, Real Madrid and Arsenal are a perfect 3-0.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says the Wayne Rooney issue will be "put to bed" this morning.  I'm sure a guy who has had several allegations of marital infidelities recently is thrilled with Ferguson's choice of words.  Former EPL cokehead striker Robbie Fowler, now playing in Australia, says that Rooney is interested in playing in the Aussie A-League.  Right, just as soon as he spends a couple years with Toronto FC.

I can't say I've ever much paid attention to or respected the dozen's of NFL Power Rankings that appear every week, but this one caught my eye simply for the dominance of the AFC.  You're into the sixth slot before a single NFC team appears.

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten tweeted that his kids were going to go out as Buzz Lightyear and Woody of Toy Story fame for Hallowe'en.  So of course, yours truly thought it would be a good idea to respond with this: "dressing as Wade and Jason far scarier."  In typical Cowboy fashion, he did not respond.

I generally take up for Terrell Owens because he has always kept his nose clean of a lot of the off-the-field that a lot of other guys get a pass for to a greater degree than you should relative to a guy who trashed the odd QB (see Favre, Brett).  And while I'd never take up for Ben Roethlesberger and his act of recent years that saw multiple allegations of sexual assault, T.O. trying to compare his suspension to Michael Vick's and imply he got off lighter is just rhetoric.  One, Roethlesberger wasn't charged with anything and got four games.  Two, Vick was charged with something got three games.  It was the John Q. Laws that took care of the rest of his time from the game with a stay in the crowbar motel.

Do not mess with the St. Leonard Cougar's of the Ontario Football League.  Check out their act at Ivor Lose Stadium in Hamilton on Saturday in their league semis, as a dozen or so players ventured into the stands with bad intentions and got into it with fans.  My personal fav comes around the 21 second mark.  Watch left of the screen as #40 crowns a guy with a milk crate shot that Mick Foley would think was stiff.  Good of the refs to let it go for a couple minutes before slowly wading in to try to separate people.


Joe said...

I've always wondered what it'd look like if a crazy football player whacked someone over the head with a milk crate.

And I agree about the baseball playoffs; they're by far the best.

bukkake said...

Okay... I take issue with your comment on the refs in that Junior game in Ontario.

I am a football official. We are not law enforcement, we are there to officiate a football game, not bust up a Harlem street brawl.

Where the fuck are the police? We have them present at every football game high school and above here in Alberta. It is law, and a good law.

This situation is nothing a little pepper spray couldnt have fixed in a hurry.

Sorry, TBek, but if the officials wade into a brawl in the stands like that I GUARENTEE it is one of them that takes said milk carton off the cranium. If you notice when they do come in, they tend to injured spectators, not the jagasses that are still brawling...

TB said...

So if the brawl is on the field, it is different? Riiiiiiiiiight.

I just find it hilarious that they're standing by watching. They need to grow a pair.

As for the cops, it is Hamilton bro, they've got far bigger fish to fry than a football game.

bukkake said...

On field, our responsibility.

Stands, Parking lot, etc.... not our baby.

Grow a pair? Dude, I have little fear when it comes to this shit... that said, I am not wading into a bunch of roided out thugs swinging milk crates IN THE STANDS for my whopping $75 I am making for my 6 hours of time (pregame and postgame) for a junior game.

Yeah, you struck a nerve here because we here this shit all the time. Was working a game at Clarke (next to Commonwealth Stadium in ETown, not the best hood in our fine city). We are at half time of a Thursday night double header, having some water and talking over the game. Knock at the officials door. There is some fat mom of one of the kids telling us that there is someone breaking into cars in the parking lot. WTF? There is an officer present in the stands, but apparently we have jurisdiction at a football field? It is apparently our job to head out to the parking lot to get shanked by a meth head indian whilst trying to stop him for breaking into vehichles cuz we wear the stripes.

It's fucked dude, stop and think about it for one second and you will realize it. We are a bunch of guys working for peanuts because we love football. This shit falls way outside the boundries of what we sign on for...

TB said...

Holy shit, had I known that it would have brought this kind of heat, I'd have not waited on this yesterday. But I'll throw more gas on the fire:

I hope it was your car busted into.

I kid!

BigDaddy said...

Now if you throw Bukkake into a Tuxedo and put his Drunken ass on the corner of Whyte Ave here in Edmonton after standing up for his best friends nuptuals. Dare I say, he will make sure that he is not only involved in the bloody mayhem, but also the cause of most of the blood (from his own forehead).

Oddly enough, when I initially read the post, I must say that I thought you were talking about your beloved "futbol" not the pads and helmets crowd.

I am sure to watch the link when I get home and away from the block on streaming video here at the office.