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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This dog got some bite...

Pretty interesting cover page on yesterday's Philadelphia Daily News.  And no, not referring to Roy Halladay winning his 20th game and being on the cusp of the playoffs for the first time in ever.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman wonders it the 'boys practice hard enough.  If you have to ask the question, the answer can only be "no".  One positive in the Cowboys 0-2 start: they've outgained both opponents thus far.

A Toronto FC blogger - View From The South Stands - takes a peak at the just announced ticket packages for next year.  Fantastic take.  Here's another from a fan who wrote a letter to his ticket rep.  Colour me stunned - literally - to find out the median ticket price for Toronto FC, converted to UK pounds, costs more than English Premier League clubs Newcastle, Fulham, Sunderland, Wolves, Everton, Stoke, Birmingham and Manchester City, among others. At the top end of the ticket pricing, only Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea charge more.  Yes, Man United and Liverpool are actually cheaper to attend in the best seats.

The Cleveland Browns put a call into the Philadelphia Eagles inquiring about Kevin Kolb and the Eagles declined to discuss moving him, though it sounds like they may entertain the idea later before the trade deadline.

Check out the numbers put up by Philadelphia Phillies Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt in their key three game series with the Atlanta Braves this week:  2-0 with a 1.64 ERA in 22 IP in the series. Dominant?  Yeah, I'd say so.  Oswalt is up to 187 strikeouts for the year.  Another 13 will give the Phillies three starters with 200+ whiff's thrown, the first to do that since the 1969 Houston AstrosPhillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. admitted they're concerned that Halladay is at 241+ innings pitched with 10 days left in the season, plus pitching in October which he's never done before.  I suspect the Phil's will push hard to clinch and then give the big boy some rest.  With ten straight wins, they're plenty hot to get that done soon.

If historical events had Facebook status updates, here's what they might look like.  Good stuff.

The Minnesota Twins did a very un-Twinlike thing a couple nights ago. They clinched the AL Central title with lots of time to spare, no playoff game required.  So, they've got the benefit of sorting out their rotation and have announced the Francisco Liriano will be opening Game 1.  I've got a feeling Yankee fans would love to see the Twins at some point, especially with the thought of Carl "American Idle" Pavano starting in the Bronx, assuming he doesn't get a hangnail or crash a car.

Joe Posnanski at takes a peak at Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista and says, using a formula to pick his 32 flukiest home run seasons, Bautista's the runaway winner no matter how he tweaked the formula. Does that mean he won't hit 30+ next year?  No, but it doesn't mean he will either.

If you're ever stuck without a beer bottle opener, and twisting it off seems far too easy, try one of these 31 ways to open a beer bottle.

Check out the most hilarious - intentional or otherwise - jersey's.

Stop the world, the Leafs not only scored, they did it more than once.  And won.  I think.  Well, they were up 3-1 and I paid no mind after running into that.  Nor should you to any pre-season NHL action.

Have a good day.

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