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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm familiar with NFL teams that repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot, being a Dallas Cowboys fan in 2010 how can you not have a couple fresh reminders already?  But the San Francisco 49ers act last night was something else entirely.  The 49ers made ridiculous mistakes all night in losing 25-22 to the New Orleans Saints.  Some credit to them though: Frank Gore was awesome and Alex Smith looked solid enough to at least keep it respectable.  Yeah, they covered.

The Philadelphia Phillies trio of Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt have gone at least 6 innings pitched in their last 17 starts.  That is the stuff that wins you World Series.

Chin up, Dallas Cowboys fans.  If the Cowboys drop to 0-3, a solid possibility playing at Houston, there remains hope.  After all, five teams have made the playoffs in that situation, the last being the 1998 Detroit Lions.  Best joke I've heard in days: "What do Tony Romo and Lindsay Lohan have in common?  The lines in front of them get them in big trouble."

Here's an interesting NFL stat: since 1990, of the teams that started 2-0 but scored fewer than 40 points in those two wins,  those teams went on to average 7.2 wins on the year.  So, good news for you, Green Bay, Chicago and Houston.  Don't make plans for January, Tampa Bay, Miami and Kansas CityPittsburgh is the wildcard there, you have to assume their offence picks up when Ben Roethlesberger returns.

If you're thinking the Toronto Raptors need a change at the top - think Bryan Colangelo - don't hold your breath on it happening, says Dave Feschuk at the Toronto Star.  Wonder how Colangelo feels about first round pick Ed Davis being out 6 weeks with a knee injury picked up at a run at a local Mississauga gym?

New Jersey Devil Ilya Kovalchuk thinks that the penalty the NHL meted out on his team for the ridiculous contract the Devils initially tried to push through was unfair.  I wonder how fair he figures it is his team is now in a terrible cap situation with his deal and has to dump some significant salary before the season starts?  I'm sure that will do wonders for the team chemistry.  And how do you sign a guy for a huge deal like that and suddenly start experimenting with him on the opposite wing?

Gary Bettman is openly discussing the idea of teams moving back or into Winnipeg and/or Quebec City.  That said, he's also saying the NHL isn't looking to see teams move because they have a "covenant" with the fans in the city, small though they may be with limited revenue streams.  I added the last part, admittedly.

Four great vids to close out the day, check them out.

Check out UFCer Chael Sonnen crush a variety of other fighters with some of the best smack talk you're likely to ever hear.  Shame for him that it has since been revealed he failed a drug test from his Anderson Silva fight last month and may be suspended for a year if the results hold up.  Sonnen, you may recall, once famously said that Lance Armstrong "gave himself cancer" from all the performance enhancing drugs he used.  This is a long vid, but absolutely awesome.  The "did you lose a bet with God?" might be my fav line in recent memory.

A Philadelphia Phillies fan got loose on the field last night, and Atlanta Braves outfield Matt Diaz took him down with an awesome trip.

Check out this great, great goal from Catania's Ciro Capuano in Italy's Serie A this past weekend.

And as an encore presentation - because it was that freaking good - here's a better look at Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov's goal.

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