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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bautista hits 50...

Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista hit is 50th home run of the season, and acknowledged he understands why people might ask if he was clean.  In the same game, Ichiro knocked his 200th hit of the season, which is impressive on its own.  More impressive?  That's ten straight years of 200+ hits.

Vegas is poised for an interesting week, with 9 of 16 NFL games showing lines of 3.5 points or less (at the moment), and 7 home dogs.  I don't follow how Cincinnati is only -3 - albeit on the road - against a winless Carolina team starting a rookie QB.  Am I missing something?

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo says "it's not me, it is you" with regard to the Cowboys problems through two weeks of the NFL season.  As in, it isn't the passing game, it is the running game.  Right, because that boneheaded flip at the end of the first half in Washington was done by another #9.  Sure the run could be better, but now's not the time to start pointing fingers, TR.

Incredibly, the Arizona Diamondbacks have more strikeouts this year than they do hits.  No, seriously: 1304 hits as of this morning, 1417 whiffs.  That's got to be tough to accomplish.

If I was out partying with Donte Stallworth the night he got into a car, loaded, and mowed down a pedestrian and killed the guy, I'm guessing I'd probably be pretty careful about getting behind the wheel of a car myself after having one drink, nevermind enough to blow .16, double the legal limit.  But not New York Jet Braylon Edwards.  Yep, the most shocking thing of a guy driving home from a Manhatten bar isn't that he blew double the limit, it is that he was with Stallworth that fateful night in Miami Edwards is clearly a moron, at best.

The ever-forward thinking NHL is implementing a ban on bloggers having access to locker rooms.  Presumably, they've got so much mainstream press in the U.S. that they don't need the coverage this little niche offers.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is usually pretty thoughtful in his commentaries, and quipping that Chelsea must have been allowed to pick their opponents given how much they've dominated the first five weeks to open the season is pretty clever.  Not so clever?  This one: "anyone who wins the league will have to finish above them."

Check out Chad Ochocino and T.O. discussing whether they'd like to see Sarah Palin in Playboy.  No, seriously.

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